Free QSBA2021 Exam Questions For Qlik Sense Business Analyst Certification

Now pass the QSBA2021 exam to successfully achieve the Qlik Sense Business Analyst certification. Qlik Sense Business Analyst Certification Exam measures your ability to identify requirements, design applications, prepare and load data, and develop applications. Real QSBA2021 Exam Questions cover each exam topic of actual exam that are important for preparation. Real QSBA2021 Exam Questions are online which could be the great online resource to be your passing. We ensure that you can pass QSBA2021 exam and achieve the Qlik Sense Business Analyst certification smoothly.

QSBA2021 Free Questions Are Below For Your Testing Online

1. A business analyst is creating a story One visualization must be scaled only vertically.

Which steps are needed to apply this in the storytelling view?


2. A business analyst is creating an app for the sales department

Users of the app most be able to create sheets and analyze data. The salesdepartment has several additionalrequirements

  • Reuse the global sales visualization
  • Create new visualizations
  • . The app has over 100 visualizations

Users will NOT have access to the full data model

What should be added to the master items to meet the requirement?


3. A business analyst is creating an app that requires several visualizations

  • A scatter plot mat shows the margin percentage and total sales by product category
  • A map with a the layer that visualizes lines between retail stores and lactones
  • A KPI that shows total cost

Margin% can be calculated by dividing profit by revenue Profit is the difference between total cost and total sates

Which two sets of fields can the business analyst use to meet these requirements? (Select two.)


4. A business analyst creates an app for a large retailer. The app is based on me past ^2 months of transactional data in CSV formal

After successfully demonstrating the app the retailer provides a tile that contains another seven years of data

After the new datais loaded the previously responsive app takes 10 times longer to respond to users’ selections. The app has many complex expressions

Which two actions should the business analyst take to resolve the issues? (Select two)


5. A large auditing firm has a proprietary web portal that all of the’ customers use to access their own data. The owner of the portal has asked if it is possible to embed some Ok visualizations within the portal when will present the data back to the Individual customers.

The data within the visualizations must be live and provide up-to-date data every time the customer logs in to the portal and updates when the QlikSeriesapp is reloaded.

What should the business analyst recommend?


6. A business analyst is creating an app for technicians. The app must meet several requirements

  • Visualization labels must change according to the selected tame period
  • A button to toggle between Month and Year to Date (YTD)
  • Two fields combine to create one dimension that is used m several visualizations.

What three options are needed to meet the requirements? (Select three.)


7. A business analyst must add data from several tables to an existing app This app was built by a previous business analyst who used the data load editor to load some simple tables.

The changes must be implemented in the data manager

Which three actions should the business analyst take to matt these requirements? (Select three)


8. Several departments use an app. The business analyst needs to modify access to the sheets so that each department can access their sheets only.

What should me business analyst do?


9. After a campaign a marketing group has data that snows distinct increases of product sales over a 12-month period. The group needs to highlight the products that show the highest revenue.

What should be developed to meet this requirement?


10. A Help Desk department sets a first-time fix target of 65% for ail customer calls. The department has a measure that captures the actual first-time fix percentage. A business analyst needs to choose the visualization that most effectively shows the performance against the target using a color gradient.

What visualization should the business analyst use?


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