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Looking for real 156-215.81 Exam Questions? Check Point Security Administrator (CCSA R81) exam verifies that the candidate possesses the fundamental knowledge and proven skills in the area of Check Point CCSA R81. PassQuestion provides you the latest 156-215.81 Exam Questions to help you well practiced and get an outstanding result in your final exam. The following is a small part of real questions, if you want the full version, you can go to 156-215.81 Exam page.

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1. Administrator wishes to update IPS from SmartConsole by clicking on the option “update now” under the IPS tab.

Which device requires internet access for the update to work?


2. Jack works for a managed service provider and he has been tasked to create 17 new policies for several new customers. He does not have much time.

What is the BEST way to do this with R80 security management?


3. When Identity Awareness is enabled, which identity source(s) is(are) used for Application Control?


4. Which of the following is NOT a back up method?


5. Which of the following is NOT an advantage to using multiple LDAP servers?


6. Which Check Point software blade prevents malicious files from entering a network using virus signatures and anomaly-based protections from ThreatCloud?


7. The default method for destination NAT is _____________, where NAT occurs on the Inbound interface closest to the client.


8. Which of the following is NOT a VPN routing option available in a star community?


9. What is the default shell of Gaia CLI?


10. Which of the following licenses are considered temporary?


11. Fill in the blank: The _________ software blade enables Application Security policies to allow, block, or limit website access based on user, group, and machine identities.


12. At what point is the Internal Certificate Authority (ICA) created?


13. In which VPN community is a satellite VPN gateway not allowed to create a VPN tunnel with another satellite VPN gateway?


14. Fill in the blank: ________information is included in the “Full Log” tracking option, but is not included in the “Log” tracking option?


15. Which type of Endpoint Identity Agent includes packet tagging and computer authentication?


16. In order to modify Security Policies the administrator can use which of the following tools? Select the BEST answer.


17. Which of the following is NOT an element of VPN Simplified Mode and VPN Communities?


18. Fill in the blank: Once a license is activated, a ________ should be installed.


19. Which policy type is used to enforce bandwidth and traffic control rules?


20. Fill in the blank: When LDAP is integrated with Check Point Security Management, it is then referred to as _______


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