H11-811 HCNA-UC exam free questions online

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HCNA-UC H11-811 Free Questions To Test Online

1. About VoIP features, which of the following description is correct?


2. The following about automated Attendant service, which is correct?


3. Which of the following does not belong to the SIP protocol characteristics?


4. U1900 Series Unified Gateway use pure SIP softswitch core. The integration level is high and narrowband integrated design, support the terminal access such as analog phones, IP phones, UC terminals.


5. About analog phones, which of the following statement is wrong?


6. In the following types of cards, which can provide U1960 docking PSTN function?


7. The following statement about U1900 series unified gateway’s Bureau and Bureau selection code, which is correct?


8. About Passwords call restriction service, which of the following statement is correct?


9. The bill server’s CDR file format is .bill suffix.


10. Enterprise administrators load audio files via FTP server. After the load is complete, where custom sound will always be saved?


11. About U1900 series unified gateway’s Senior Manager Secretary Business, which statement is correct? (Multiple choice)


12. In U1900 series unified gateway, about PRA relay clock configuration, which of the following statement is correct? (Multiple choice)


13. eSpace 7950 with a 7903X extension panel, such combinations has high power requirements, so in this scenario, eSpace 7950 can not use PoE power supply.


14. When held multi-party voice conference, what veneer does U1960 through to provide the venue?


15. In U1900 series unified gateway, when configuring SIP trunking, which of the following statement is correct?


16. Users dial * 128 #, but did not hear any prompt tone, then which of the following is the most likely reason?


17. eSpace series telephones support local meetings , how much party local meeting does eSpace 6805,7910,7950 respectively support ?


18. Which of the following functions does U1900 Series Unified Gateway main control panel mainly have? ( ) (Multiple choices)


19. A unit has a U1981, administrators to configure the main control panel internet access mode for three internet access mode , the IP address of internet access 1 and internet access 2 are respectively and, which of the following statement are correct? (Multiple choice)


20. What does U1960 MTU board function have?  (Multiple choice)


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