[H11-828 Free Questions] H11-828 HCNP-UC Certification Study Materials

H11-828 HCNP-UC certification validates the knowledge and skills required for comprehensive configuration and maintenance of the unified communications of medium- and large-sized enterprises. Passquestion new updated the latest H11-828 HCNP-UC Certification Study Materials which contain real questions and answers from real test, you can download HCNP-UC H11-828 free questions to practice below.

HCNP-UC H11-828 Free Questions – Huawei Certified Network Professional-Unified Communications

1. In external network access scenarios of the eSpace UC solution, eSpace UC clients (for example, eSpace Desktop) on external networks finally register with the ( ) to implement the voice function.


2. Before configuring a prefix of the local call attribute on a U1900 series unified gateway, the system will ask you to configure a prefix of the national toll call attribute and a prefix of the international toll call attribute.


3. In a scenario where the AR provides the local regeneration function, a call fails. During the fault locating process, to identify the calling and called number information before and after the number change, obtain the debugging information of the ( ) module.


4. When adding users with non-UC rights on the BMU in batches, the user accounts fail to be added and the system displays a message indicating that the number of mobile client users exceeds the maximum value specified in the license.
Which of the following methods can be used to solve the problem?


5. AR routers provide flexible slot combinations. Two SIC slots can be combined into one WSIC slot. Two SIC slots and the WSIC slot below can be combined into one XSIC slot by removing the guide rail.


6. About the local regeneration call source of U1900 series unified gateways, which of the following statements are CORRECT? (Multiple Choice)


7. A group customer deploys two U1981s in active/standby disaster recovery (DR) mode and deploys a U1960 in both branch A and branch B as the local gateway. One day, due to the carrier network fault, the U1960 in branch A cannot detect the heartbeat of the active and standby U1981S, but the heartbeat connection between the U1960 in branch B and the active and standby U1981s is normal.
In this scenario, which of the following statements is CORRECT?


8. In the eSpace UC solution, at least ( ) network adapters must be configured for the eSpace Audio Recorder in a single-node system.


9. The process for configuring outgoing calls on an AR router at a branch node is as follows: first configure the call route, then the prefix or trunk group, and last the trunk group or prefix.
Which of the following is the logical process for the outgoing call route on the AR router?


10. What are the possible causes when eSpace Desktop fails to initiate an instant conference? (Multiple Choice)


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