[H11-851 Free Questions] H11-851 Huawei Certified Network Associate-Video Conference

Are you looking for HCNA-VC H11-851 free questions? Get practice here online for H11-851 Huawei Certified Network Associate-Video Conference Exam. They are just part of full version. All H11-851 free questions are from Passquestion HCNA-VC H11-851 full version of 254 Q&As.

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Test Begin:

1. MCU user level include ( ). (Multiple choice)


2. In SMC2.0, the same venue and the MCU cannot be added simultaneously to multiple organizational structure. ( )


3. You can adjust the camera’s white balance by TE terminal, adjust the color on the screen to display effect. ( )


4. For point-to-point calls do not need to set up ( ).


5. TE40 support PSTN interface, telephone can be connected to the interface, phones can join the meeting via voice mode. ( )


6. Establish HTTP connections between SMC and MCU, if you choose “support HTTPS”, it indicates that the connection between SMC and MCU is encryption mode. ( )


7. Using the 96 xx series MCU at six meetings, the venue T1, T2, T3 composed of three screens, the venue T4, T5, T6 are not in multi-screen, when the T1, T2, T3 away from the meeting, automatic multi-screen function is enabled, T4, T5, T6 can automatically generate two-picture mode. ( )


8. Which of the following belong to visible system video encoding and decoding protocol ? ( ) (Multiple choice)


9. TP3118 supports up to each party 18 people meeting. ( )


10. Playback recorded meetings through a variety of platforms Web/pad/phone/terminals, this process is called ( ).


11. Non-T.140 subtitles superimposed on the local video images, it can only sent to the distal venue with local video image. ( )


12. TE30 does support HDMI interface output.  ( )


13. When SMC2.0 through manageable way to add TE series terminal, the authentication information in the “User Name” and “Password” is consistent with end ( ) user name and password .


14. HUAWEI SMC 2.0 system includes Web server, back-end services and database. ( )


15. 96XX series MCU support power, main control board, Business Board, Ethernet port, line, chips 5 heavy backup, ensure that MCU can long-term continuous and stable operation. ( )


16. NLOG V2 data is from ().


17. Terminal, MCU and SC all can do 1 + 1 backup. ( )


18. 96XX series MCU whole adapter port can do related switch between different resolutions whole adapter port, the port conversion relationship 1080P60fps: 1080P30fps: 720P30fps: SD equals to ( ).


19. The main role of H.245 protocol is ( ). (Multiple choice)


20. SMC reservation meeting is not normally held, possible reasons are (). (Multiple choice)


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