[H11-861 Free Questions] H11-861 Huawei Certified Network Professional – Video Conference

Huawei H11-861 Certificate is positioned to enable construction capabilities for planning, designing, deploying and optimizing WLAN of large and medium-sized enterprises.

Huawei H11-861 Certificate curriculum includes but not limited to the following: Constructing WLAN of large and medium-sized enterprises considering of security, high reliability, Mesh, Huawei BYOD(Bring You Own Device) solution, as well as general WLAN planning, WLAN planning, WLAN design and WLAN optimization.

Get practice here online for H11-861 Huawei Certified Network Professional – Video Conference Exam. They are just part of full version. All H11-861 free questions are from Passquestion HCNP-VC H11-861 full version of 303 Q&As.

We provide 10 free questions for H11-861 Huawei Certified Network Professional – Video Conference Exam. You will score 10 points after you answer each question correctly. If you want to get full version to study , please click the picture “Get Full Version“. If you have any questions, please contact us via Live Chat or email us [email protected].

Test Begin:

1. In H.323 protocol, opening the logical channel follows the rule of “who want to transmit, who open it”.


2. For FEC, When both parties establish a call and the packet loss in media stream exceeds 0.1% within 10s, the FEC function is enabled. FEC separates some bandwidth from the call bandwidth to transmit anti-dropping redundant stream.


3. In Multi-channel Cascading, the prioritie at using the multiple channels is ( ).


4. The methods for scheduling a conference that supports recording include (). (Select 3 answers)


5. Wireshark supports packet decoding for various protocols, include (). (Select 3 answers)


6. Over an H.460 network, private video terminals connect to () in the SETUP phase,


7. A Network Diagnostician remotely instructs another Network Diagnostician to initiate a diagnostic test to a network diagnostician in another network. ( )


8. In Multi-channel Cascading, the protocols of all multi-channel conference sites must be consistent, but band widths can be different. ( )


9. An MCU belongs to one service areas. A service area can have multiple MCUs. ( )


10. If two MCUs are cascaded to hold a conference, the MCUs join the conference as virtual sites. ()


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