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H12-223 HCNP-R&S-IEEP exam is one of the 3 exams required for HCNP-R&S Certification, H12-223 HCNP-Routing&Switching-IEEP exam covers PDIOI(Network Planning, Network Design, Network Implementation, Network Maintenance, Network Troubleshooting, Network Optimization) and Network Migration. To help you pass your HCNP-R&S h12-223 exam, you can practice H12-223 free questions here, it is a small part of real questions collected from real test. To download H12-223 full version, you can check in our Passquestion website.

HCNP-R&S-IEEP H12-223 Free Questions To Test Online

1. During the structured network troubleshooting process, which of the following items require attention in the information collection phase? (Multiple Choice)


2. Which of the following are migration difficulties? (Multiple Choice)


3. On a campus network, the gateway is usually configured on the aggregation layer.

What advantages does this design have compared with configuring the gateway on the access layer? (Multiple Choice)


4. Which of the following statements regarding the basic device information check is true?


5. Which of the following WAN links are used on a packet switched network? (Multiple Choice)


6. During the migration test, which of the following indicates that the test is completed?


7. Which of the following features is not applied to enterprise WANs?


8. In a migration project, preliminary survey is used for communicating with the customer and other participants and collecting network information for analysis.


9. Current enterprise networks usually use OSPF as the routing protocol.

What precautions are there when OSPF is used? (Multiple Choice)


10. On the border between an enterprise network and external network, which of the following devices is deployed at the outermost side of the enterprise network?


11. Which of the following events represent the end of the network planning stage?


12. The customer’s project team is the end user of the network, and they are the final judge of the project.


13. Determining members in the project team is one of tasks in the implementation stage.


14. Which three steps does a migration include? (Multiple Choice)


15. Which of the following statements regarding IP address allocation are true? (Multiple Choice)


16. When the DHCP relay function is configured on a device, VLANIF interfaces connected to DHCP clients must be bound to a DHCP server group containing the IP address of the DHCP server.


17. If a fault is located on a router that works in redundancy mode with another router, which of the following methods is the most appropriate for subsequent troubleshooting?


18. Which of the following tasks need to be completed during the planning stage of a project? (Multiple Choice)


19. The structured network troubleshooting process is triggered by a fault report. The basic principle is to simplify troubleshooting by narrowing down or isolating all possible causes of a fault into several small subsets.

In what sequence are structured network troubleshooting steps carried out?

  1. Information collection
  2. Fault identification
  3. Cause list
  4. Troubleshooting assessment
  5. Fault analysis
  6. One-by-one check

7, Fault rectification


20. Which of the following statements regarding border security optimization are true? (Multiple Choice)


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