H12-261-ENU Free Questions – HCIE-Routing&Switching (Written)

H12-261 HCIE-Routing&Switching (Written) dumps are new updated, we have list some latest HCIE-R&S H12-261-ENU free questions for you to practice, all questions are collected from real test. To get full version, you can visit Passquestion.com to download.

H12-261-ENU Free Questions – HCIE-Routing&Switching (Written)

1. How do 802.1w and 802.1D handle BPDUs?


2. What are the differences between traffic policing and traffic shaping? (Multiple Choice)


3. Which control bit in the TCP header information can cause the receiver to reset the TCP connection?


4. The fields indicating priority in the VLAN (802.1Q) data encapsulation are a total of 6 bits.


5. What are the common methods of learning routes in BGP? (Multiple Choice)


6. Which AS_PATH can the command ip as-path-filter1 permit^12*74$ match?


7. Which descriptions are correct about the BGP reflector? (Multiple Choice)


8. MPLS BGP VPN is a Layer 3 VPN technology used to provide VPN solutions (PPVPN).

What are the basic components of MPLS BGP VPN?


9. In RSTP, which port can provide the backup path to reach the root node of the spanning tree? What status is the port in?


10. If a switch runs RSTP, which interface on the switch will send BPDU carrying the Proposa logo?


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