[H12-311 Free Questions] H12-311 HCNA-WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network

If you are preparing for your H12-311 HCNA-WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network exam, You can practice online H12-311 free questions below to check, these questions are small part of real questions which collected by Huawei experts, you will surely pass with HCNA-WLAN H12-311 full version.

Free questions to test online

1. After the wireless user connects to the wireless signal point, the IP address cannot be obtained. What are the possible reasons? (Multiple Choice)


2. Which of the following AP modes does not belong to WDS network?


3. Which of the following are the Huawei AC load balancing judgment method? (Multiple Choice)


4. When wireless network engineers are planning for WLAN networks, what is the purpose of using RF emulation? (Multiple Choice)


5. What is the range of working frequency specified by China in the 2.4 GHz band?


6. In the Fit AP network, which of the following authentication methods does not require AC to participate during the authentication process?


7. Which of the following standards can support both the 2.4 GHz band and the 5 GHz band?


8. For dBm, dB, dBi, which of the following descriptions are correct? (Multiple Choice)


9. If the AP fails to go online, which of the following commands can locate the AP because the version does not match?


10. A company wants to deploy WLAN. The company has purchased a number of wireless AP that support 802.11n. When the WLAN is deployed, only 802.11n-enabled wireless clients can connect to the company’s WLAN.


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