[H12-321 Free Questions] H12-321 HCNP-WLAN-CEWA Exam

Huawei H12-321 Certificate is positioned to enable construction capabilities for planning, designing, deploying and optimizing WLAN of large and medium-sized enterprises.

Huawei H12-321 Certificate curriculum includes but not limited to the following: Constructing WLAN of large and medium-sized enterprises considering of security, high reliability, Mesh, Huawei BYOD(Bring You Own Device) solution, as well as general WLAN planning, WLAN planning, WLAN design and WLAN optimization.

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Test Begin:

1. Which of the following statements about Option 43 in the N+1 backup networking are TRUE? (Multiple Choice)


2. On WLANs where many users exist, such as WLANs in high density scenarios, users compete fiercely to occupy channels as the number of online users increases. As a result, network quality deteriorates. To ensure network access experience of online users, Calling Access Control (CAC) can be configured. CAC allows an AP to control user access based on the CAC thresholds set according to the radio channel usage, number of online users on a radio, or terminal signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), ensuring network access quality of online users.


3. Which of the following STAs does MAC address authentication suit the most?


4. On a WLAN with the WIDS function enabled, which of the following devices will NOT trigger rogue device alarms after they are identified as rogue devices? (Multiple Choice)


5. Engineers of a large enterprise configure the VLAN Pool function when deploying the WLAN.
Which of the following options may be the reasons for configuring the function? (Multiple Choice)


6. On a WLAN that uses the Agile Controller as the admission control server, which of the following is NOT the cause of 802.1x authentication failures?


7. Which of the following statements about the second Fresnel zone are TRUE? (Multiple Choice)


8. Which of the following statements about APs and STAs are TRUE during an active/standby switchover in dual-link HSB mode? (Multiple Choice)


9. Which of the following statements about the dual-link cold backup networking are TRUE? (Multiple Choice)


10. Which are the methods to prevent loops on a Mesh network? (Multiple Choice)


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