[H12-411 Free Questions] H12-411 Huawei Certified Network Associate- Data Center Facility

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Test Begin:

1. How many power modules at most can be inserted in ECC800 collector of Huawei monitoring system?


2. What is used to indicate the severity of the corresponding fault in dynamic environment monitoring system?


3. ATS Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch can achieve the switching of two-way power’s fast loading machine.


4. In the access control system interface, the fuctions can be achieved are (). (Multiple Choice)


5. Which of the following belongs to air-cooled line air conditioning?


6. According to the principle of tripping, the MCB circuit breaker can be divided into () and (). (Multiple Choice)


7. Alarms of the dynamic environment monitoring system usually have different levels.


8. Dynamic environment monitoring system only has secondary architecture.


9. Air energy efficiency ratio is the ratio of effective input power and cooling capacity, its value will be shown as W/W.


10. Huawei monitoring system NetEco supports to send the alarm message to users through (). (Multiple Choice)


11. The humidifier that Huawei row-level precision air conditioner uses is the infrared humidifier.


12. MCB circuit breaker can be divided into B, C, D, Z, K class according to different tripping characteristics.

For IT loads, the () level tripping characteristics should be used.


13. The core components of the refrigeration system include (). (Multiple Choice)


14. In dynamic environment monitoring system, checking alarm detailed information can help to locate the alarm source.


15. Data center usually uses the gas fire system.


16. Which of the following belongs to the indirect-contact heat and humidity treatment equipment? (Multiple Choice)


17. The parameters that can reflect the energy efficiency state and power usage effectivenes of the data center are ().


18. The main role of () is electricity distribution, in accordance with the requirements, standards and norms, assigns the forestage electric energy to various types of electrical equipments, such as UPS, air conditioners, lighting equipment and so on.


19. Cooling coil controls the indoor temperature and humidity via a heat exchange with refrigerant and indoor air.


20. For the unsaturated air, the relationship of size among the dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature and dew point temperature is ().


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