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Now IT industry is more and more competitive. Passing HCNA-Security H12-711 exam certification can effectively help you entrench yourself and enhance your status in this competitive IT area.  You can practice online in the following H12-711 free questions which chosen from Passquestion HCNA-Security H12-711 questions and answers, all are real questions. If you practice well, you can pass your HCNA-Security Certification H12-711 exam successfully.

HCNA-Security-CBSN exam covers network security basis, firewall basis such as package filter, NAT, etc. and VPN technologies such as IPSec, SSL etc., as well as their implementation in Huawei firewall products, firewall user management technology, UTM technology and implementation, and also terminal security with security policy configurations.

HCNA-Security H12-711 Free Questions To Test Online

1. To establish TCP connection between client A and server B, in the three-way handshake, B sent A SYN + ACK (seq=b,ack=a+1), which of the following statements are correct?


2. What is the address range of rule permit ip source ?


3. Which of the following statement about firewall shard cache function are correct? ( multiple choice)


4. Which of the following does not belong to UTM (Unified Threat Management) function?


5. Which of the following components are terminal security system mainly composed of ? ( multiple choice)


6. Symmetric encryption algorithm encryption key and decryption key are the same, asymmetric encryption algorithm encryption key and decryption key are not the same. IPsec in business data encryption and decryption use symmetric encryption algorithm.


7. Huawei USG firewall VRRP HELLO packets for multicast packets, it requires each router in the backup group must be able to achieve directly two layer interflow.


8. When ARP address resolution, ARP-REPLY packets sent by means of broadcast, hosts are able to receive on the same Layer 2 network , and thus learn the corresponding relations between the IP and MAC address.


9. USG state detecting firewall to view Session information as follows:

<USG > display firewall session table verbose

Current total sessions: 1

icmp VPN: public — > public

Zone: trust — > untrust Slot: 8 CPU: 0 TTL: 00:00:20 Left: 00:00:19

Interface: GigabitEthernet6/0/0 Nexthop:

<–packets: 134 bytes: 8040– > packets: 134 bytes: 8040 1280– >

Which of the following statement about above information are correct ? ( multiple choice)


10. CA (Certificate Authority) certificate used for verifying the user’s identity of virtual gateway when SSL communication connection is established, saved in the device side, issued by the CA institution.


11. Which statement about L2TP message is wrong?


12. Which of the following attack does not belong to the network layer attack?


13. Use NAT technology, can only switch the network layer information (IP address) in the data packet.


14. ASPF (Application Specific Packet Filter) is a kind of packet filtering based on the application layer, it checks the application layer protocol information and monitor the connection state of the application layer protocol. ASPF by Server Map table achieves a special security mechanism.

Which statement about ASPF and Server map table are correct? (Multiple choice)


15. Forward in the process of online user management, online user authentication occurs only in the first package process, once the user through the authentication, equipment set up the session table, subsequent packets do not need to be repeated user authentication.


16. The attacker by sending ICMP response request, and will request packet destination address set to suffer Internet radio address.

Which kind of attack does this behavior belong to?


17. Which of the following does not belong to the AES secret key length?


18. Which of the following options is AH protocol number?


19. Which of the following does AAA contains?


20. SA uniquely identified by a triplet, which of the following does not belong to the SA triplet?



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