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Are you looking for HCNP-Security H12-721 free questions? Get practice here online for H12-721 Huawei Certified Network Professional – Constructing Infrastructure of Security Network. They are just part of full version. All H12-721 free questions are from Passquestion HCNP-Security H12-721 full version of 180 Q&As.

We provide 10 free questions for H12-721 Huawei Certified Network Professional – Constructing Infrastructure of Security Network. You will score 10 points after you answer each question correctly. If you want to get full version to study , please click the picture “Get Full Version“. If you have any questions, please contact us via Live Chat or email us [email protected].

Test Begin:

1. The administrator has enabled the virtual system function on the Huawei USG6000 product and created the only virtual system vaysa. If a user belonging to vsysa wants to access a server in the root system, in the virtual system vsysa routing table, which interface is the outcoming interface?


2. Which of the following statement is correct about VRRP packet?


3. After using policy routing to modify the next hop address, the traffic is not forwarded according to the policy route. Which of the following statement is incorrect?


4. Which of the following options can be used as a match criterion for a rule in a bandwidth policy? (Multiple Choice)


5. About Radius certification process, there are the following steps:

  1. The Radius client in the network device receives the username and password and sends an authentication request to the Radius server.
  2. When the user logs in to a network device such as the USG, the user name and password will be sent to the Radius client.
  3. After the Radius server receives a valid request, it completes the authentication and returns the required user authorization information to the Radius client.

Which of the following order is correct?


6. Which of the following options are included in the route selection method in an intelligent route? (Multiple Choice)


7. Which of the following is correct about packet encapsulation order of L2TP over IPSec?


8. When the IPSec VPN tunnel fails to be established, the administrator checks the establishment of the SA on the device and finds that IKE SAs have not been established between the devices. Which of the following reasons may cause the failure? (Multiple Choice)


9. Which of the following statements is wrong about firewall bandwidth policy?


10. A firewall device can create multiple virtual gateways. Each virtual gateway is independent and does not affect each other. Administrators can configure their own users, resources, and policies under the virtual gateway for independent management.


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