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In order to pass HCNP-Security certification H12-722 exam, selecting the appropriate training tools is very necessary. And professional study materials about H12-722 HCNP-Security-CSSN is a very important part. Passquestion provides the latest HCNP-Security-CSSN H12-722 questions and answers which have the actual questions as real test, you can practice in the following HCNP-Security-CSSN H12-722 free questions online which collected from Passquestion H12-722 full version and it can help you pass your HCNP-Security Certification H12-722 exam easily.

HCNP-Security-CSSN H12-722 Free Questions To Test Online

1. If the user’s FTP operation matches the FTP filtering policy, which actions can be performed? (Multiple choice)


2. About firewalls and IDS, which of the following is true?


3. Which of the following attack types is DDoS attack?


4. Why APT attacks are difficult to defend? Part of the reason is that they use zero-day loopholes to attack. This zero-day loopholes usually takes a lot of time to research and analyze and make corresponding defense methods.


5. The whitelist rule of the firewall antivirus module is configured as *example*. Which of the following matches is used in this configuration?


6. UDP is a connectionless protocol. A large number of UDP flood attacks cause the performance of network devices that rely on session forwarding to be degraded and even the session table is exhausted, causing network congestion.

Which of the following options does not prevent UDP flood attacks?


7. Regarding the process of file filtering, which of the following statements is wrong?


8. Huawei WAF products mainly consist of implementing front-end, back-end central systems and databases. The database mainly stores the front-end detection rules and black and white list configuration files.


9. Misuse detection discovers intrusion activity in system by detecting similar behaviors of user intrusions, or by detecting violations of system security rules indirectly by exploiting system flaws.

Which of the following is not misuse detection feature?


10. Huawei NIP6000 products have zero-setting network parameters and plug-and-play functionality because interfaces pairs only work on Layer 2 and do not need to set IP address.



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