[H13-431 Free Questions] H13-431 Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert-Data Center

If you are preparing for your H13-431 Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert-Data Center exam, You can practice online H13-431 free questions below to check, these questions are small part of real questions which collected by Huawei experts, you will surely pass with HCIE-Data Center H13-431 full version.

1. Which of the following description is wrong about APT defense program?


2. Which of the following description is wrong about ManageOne OC Operations Center?


3. Which of the following description about the part of the process of double live load balancing for B/S applications is wrong?


4. On the Huawei SDN solution, which description about the vDC active/standby disaster recovery scenario-VPC export cross Fabric active/standby is wrong?


5. FusionStorage critical modules MDC, OSD, and VBS must be deployed independently in the form of virtual machines. They cannot be run in the Huawei FusionStorage-compatible host operating system in the form of process.


6. Which of the following belong to HyperMetro’s highly reliable technology? (Multiple Choice)


7. Which of the following description is correct about the AA storage layer in the AA data center solution? (Multiple Choice)


8. FusionCloud App Application Orchestration Service provides one-click application deployment and elastic scalability.


9. Huawei FusionStorage 6.0 cloud storage system provides block storage, file storage, and object storage resources to the upper layer on demand. The resource supply is more agile, but its disadvantage is that it cannot be compatible with Amazon S3 and Hadoop big data platforms.


10. In the network overlay network of Huawei SDN solution, which is the supported operation and maintenance function? (Multiple Choice)


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