H13-524 HCNP-Cloud-COSM exam free questions online

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HCNP-Cloud H13-524 Free Questions To Test Online

1. If a virtual machine is created on the ITAPortal interface, if it fails or times out, ITA does not delete the failed or timed out virtual machine for easy positioning.


2. In desktop cloud user VM, there are virtual machine automatic diagnosis tools and automatic log collection tools, which are convenient for users to self-process or collect log files and send them to support positioning personnel for processing.


3. In Huawei desktop cloud, when you create a desktop template, you need to restart the virtual machine after the package is complete.


4. There can be multiple domains in a set of Huawei desktop cloud.


5. In Huawei desktop cloud solution, ITA/GaussDB/IDC/License components are deployed in two-node active and standby. Both virtual machines must be deployed on different CAN.


6. FusionSphere OpenStack is an extension based on OpenStack standard interface. It has good openness and compatibility. It is not a closed-end commercial solution. It can be used in FusionSphere OpenStack for the official release of compatible components in the OpenStack community.


7. ManageOne ServiceCenter can be used for private cloud or public cloud.


8. The roles on the three control nodes of OpenStack are load balancing mode. The load balancing function is provided by haproxy. Only the roles on the two control nodes are in active/standby mode. ZooKeeper provides the master and backup arbitration functions.


9. A Layer 2 network in the VIMS heartbeat plane does not need to communicate with any other plane.


10. When ServiceCenter issues a service, the resource pool is specified by the system administrator.


11. The components in OpenStack use a distributed deployment model, and even if the cluster size continues to expand, database and AMQP will not become the bottleneck of the entire system.


12. The core technology of SDN is the separation of control.


13. Huawei cloud computing environment, virtual machine migration process must interrupt virtual machine business.


14. The hardware that must be specified when the virtual machine is created includes the CPU, memory disk, and network card. Other associated devices include GPU drives and USB devices.


15. Huawei virtualized environment virtual machine supports USB2.0 controller, which can directly connect USB devices on the server to virtual machines. At the same time support USB2.0/1.1 devices.


16. With the Row mode snapshot, the new write operation of the source disk is stored in the log (and indexed). When the source volume is read, the log is retrieved first. When the snapshot is taken, the source volume needs to be referenced. When the snapshot is canceled, the write log must be executed completely. Source volume guarantees synchronous update of data status.


17. With the development of cloud computing technology, the pace of cloud data center construction has not been accelerated, and the traditional data center construction mode is affected by cloud computing technology.


18. FusionStorage can flexibly configure 2 copies (equivalent to RAD10) or multiple copies according to the security level (data availability reaches 11 9 in 3 copies)


19. Each cell in OpenStack contains a separate MessageBroker and Database. The APIcell mainly contains the Nova-api service, which accepts user requests and sends user requests to the specified cell through the message.


20. FusionSphere OpenStack 6.0 computing group default resource isolation 4 VCPU, 2G RAM.


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