H13-922-ENU HCIP-GaussDB-OLAP V1.0 Exam Questions

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H13-922-ENU HCIP-GaussDB-OLAP V1.0 Exam Questions

1. Create Database Suggestions


2. FULL JOIN and CROSS JOIN results are equivalent


3. Are the following execution methods of Stream operator?


4. Which of the following options is not the process of expanding the physical cluster to the logical cluster?


5. Which two steps are involved in a two-phase transaction submission


6. When using the Migration Tool under Linux to migrate, entering the file permission setting process will cause the process to be terminated due to security issues


7. Which of the following modules guarantees high availability through active-standby replication?


8. When the cluster status is Degraded: The cluster is available, but the data is not redundantly backed up. The DN master has one and only one exits abnormally. The GTM has only one host and the highest available mode. The CN has and only partially exits abnormally.


9. Which part of the overall installation process does the “planning data” belong to?


10. What other optimizations can be made to the audit function?


11. Are the following data distributed that do not belong to GaussDB200 OLAP?


12. Any user can create table spaces.


13. Which of the following Hints cannot specify the result set of table t1 as 5 rows?


14. What are the types of redistribution


15. (Multiple choices) Which databases does GaussDB 200 database system initially include?


16. The main function of the execution engine is to parse the SQL query entered by the user. Generate execution plan


17. What kind of logs can be used for recovery in the event of a system crash


18. What types of execution engines are included?


19. Which of the following components does the user service use to access the GaussDB 200 database?


20. What are the technical characteristics of GuassDB 200 database products?


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