[H20-651-ENU Free Questions] H20-651-ENU Huawei Certified Field Specialist-Server

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Test Begin:

1. Huawei server GE internet access connection status indicator light, which is indicating that the network port is connected to the normal state?


2. The server’s power-on boot policy is set to “keep off” and when the server is in Standby state, which of the following actions will power on the server? (Multiple Choice)


3. What does Huawei server common replaceable parts mainly include? (Multiple choice)


4. E9000 is the fusion architecture blade server, which “fusion” refers to the E9000 integration of what resources? (Multiple choice)


5. When LSISAS2208 card configured RAID groups, what are the options that will cause data loss in the configuration wizard?


6. E9000 networking assistant tool can graphically display the mapping relationship between the MEZZ network card and the switch module interface.


7. After RH2288 V3 server plug in the AC power cord, about 1 minute the machine can not automatically boot, you must press the front panel power button to boot, the phenomenon belongs to the power module failure, need to be replaced.


8. IMana200/iBMC remote control, when in full-screen or split-screen mode, which of the following combination key use to pop-up toolbar?


9. In the iBMC Web configuration page, the server host name is set in which menu?


10. When the blade server and the high-density server part of the computing node can not power up, you should first check whether the power supply module is working properly.


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