[H31-321 Free Questions] H31-321 Huawei Certified Network Professional-MSTP Transmission

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Test Begin:

1. If equipment power is configured with 1+1 protection, you can replace the PIU board without cutting off the supply from the DC power distribution unit.


2. Which of the following bytes cannot be processed in pass-through mode on an ADM site using OptiX NG-SDH equipment?


3. You can change the VC~12 numbering policy by configuring related parameters on the U2000.


4. Which of the following about the SSM protocol are true?


5. Two SNCP rings are intersected.
Which of the following statements is true about inter-ring service configuration?


6. Latency of store-and-forward equipment is the difference between the time the first bit of a data frame enters the equipment and the time the first bit exits the equipment.


7. Which of the following may cause generation of discrete services in an NG-SDH system?


8. On a network where MSP rings and SNCP rings share fiber resources, if Assigned by VC~4 is selected, you need to set holdoff time for SNCP services.


9. You need to specify the length of data frames before using a data analyzer to test throughput.
What is the length of a standard Ethernet frame?


10. Which of the following are true about the NE ID of an ASON NE?


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