[H31-522 Free Questions] H31-522 HCNP-Cloud DataCentre operations

HCNP-Cloud DataCentre operations H31-522 new questions are cracked recently,all questions and answers are from real test. You can practice online H31-522 free questions below to check, these questions are small part of real questions which collected by Huawei experts, you will surely pass with H31-522 HCNP-Cloud DataCentre operations full version.

H31-522 Free Questions To Test Online

1. Which of the following functions is configured from OperationCenter to an interconnected system to allow users to log in to the interconnected system through My Link on OperationCenter without entering the user name and password?


2. Which of the following is not an indicator in the disk information monitoring of eSight?


3. Which of the following statements are true about problem management? (Multiple Choice)


4. Which of the following are the user authentication methods for accessing security systems in the terminal? (Multiple Choice)


5. Which of the following is incorrect about the storage resource alIocation function of eSight?


6. Which of the following is not involved in the service design management?


7. Which of the following statements is incorrect about the VM VNC login?


8. Virtual HA refers to a function that when the host where service VMS are located is faulty,

FusionCompute can detect the fault in real time and restart the VMS on another normal host in the cluster, thereby ensuring service continuity.


9. In eSight server configuration deployment, the networking requirement of the network, iBMC, power-on and power-off, switch board, and OS deployment is the same as that of server management.


10. When an enterprise IT system is moved to the cloud, services will be migrated accordingly. The specific migration objects include the basic IT service, office system, service production system, development and test system, and management system .


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