H35-211 HCNP-Access Network free questions online

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HCNP-Access Network H35-211 Free Questions To Test Online

1. In the SIP basic call process, when the caller receives which of the following signaling can hear the ring back tone?


2. Which of the following does not belong to the MA5600T/MA5680T ESC environmental monitoring system components?


3. When using the command line to upgrade the MDU, you need to upload the new version of the package file to the MDU.

What are the main transmission methods for uploading package files?


4. What is the difference between alarm masking and alarm suppression?


5. When multicast services are configured on the MA5600T or MA5680T, multicast VLAN programs use static configuration way. Which of the following options does not match?


6. The SIP message consists of three parts. Which of the following does not belong to the SIP message content?


7. The H.248 interface is repeatedly interrupted on the MA5620E. Narrow-band users at the site sometimes go off-hook without a sound and the call is interrupted during the call. This may be caused by which of the following reasons?


8. Which is the HG824X Series ONT Remote Management IP Address (Login through OLT)?


9. In the following various types of network topology, which is the most secure topology structure?


10. What are the possible reason causes UA5000 “Fault” of power monitoring module? (Multiple Choice)


11. A total of 100 multicast users on the MA5600 are watching 20 multicast programs. If each multicast program occupies a bandwidth of 2M bit/s, how much multicast traffic does the MA5600 uplink port have?


12. In the UA5000 system, which command can be used to check the progress during data backup and loading?


13. When the GPON system bears TDM signals, what type of access interface must the ONU provide?


14. Before the traffic is scheduled, the MA5680T needs to classify traffic flows.

Which of the following options cannot be used as a means of classifying for MA5680T?


15. Which of the following is incorrect about T.38 protocol?



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