H35-311-ENU Free Questions Online – Huawei Certified Network Professional – Mobile Soft Switch

H35-311 Medium-level mobile soft switch test covers the knowledge of the core network communication, data configuration between interconnected network elements, integrated number and route analysis , integrated signaling analysis and the corresponding protocols, integrated fault location, MSC Pool and AOIP solutions. Passquestion offers you H35-311-ENU Free Questions to test Online below, you can download full version from our site to study, we ensure you can pass your Huawei H35-311-ENU exam with the help of Passquestion.

Key Points of Exam

IP network

  • Basic concepts in network, layer 2 and layer 3 signaling exchanging, and IP subnetting
  • IP transformation in mobile communications

Product knowledge and principle

  • The principle and architecture of mobile soft switch in the core network; data configuration for interworking between network elements
  • Integrated number and route analysis

The protocols used in mobile soft switch and signaling analysis

  • The protocols such as MAP, CAP, BSSAP/RANAP, BICC, SIP, BICC, SIGTRAN, H248 and SCTP in the mobile soft switching interfaces and the signaling analysis during basic services, supplementary service, value-added services, mobility management, and handovers

Integrated troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting in the service, including bearer and signaling

Product solutions

  • MSC Pool and AoIP

1. What are the common positioning methods for UMG? (Multiple Choice)


2. Which version does WCDMA achieve load bearing and control separation?


3. Which of the following ATCA IGWB bills are compressed to save by default? (Multiple Choice)


4. Which statements are correct about the network identification of the Signaling System Number 7? (Multiple Choice)


5. Which process coordinates and manages the CQB process on each board and provides a unified billing query browsing interface to the outside?


6. Starting real-time load monitoring on the M2000, which of the following indicators can be included? (Multiple Choice)


7. Which of the following NEs supports the global performance statistics of the MSC Pool, and summarizes the commonly used KPI indicators to the MSC Pool to provide the MSc Pool global KPI indicator?


8. Which of the following processes is forwarded as MML commands, synchronous message collection is sent to Mirror, and Mirror performs actual synchronization and MML command processing?


9. MSOFTX3000 dock with BSC through MTP link. What commands are needed to configure MTP signaling data? (Multiple Choice)


10. Which subsystems need to be configured when the MSC is docked with the HLR? (Multiple Choice)


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