H35-462 Questions And Answers – HCS-5G RF Advanced V1.0

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H35-462 Questions And Answers – HCS-5G RF Advanced V1.0

1. The length of TTI scheduled in 5G NR is 1 slot.


2. In NSA networking 0ption3X scenario, 5G cell SIB broadcast message content is sent to UE through 4G cell.


3. The electrically adjustable antenna refers to adjusting the phase of the antenna element through electrical signals, changing the signals of the horizontal component and the vertical component, thereby changing the coverage distance of the antenna.


4. The Ss channel power of the NR cell will be dynamically adjusted according to the actual environment.


5. In the 5G network, for the sake of user security, the NsA layer uses 5G-GUTI to replace IMSI as the user’s temporary ID.


6. The relevant configuration parameters of sRs in NR are only user level, not cell level.


7. The NR standard supports that the PDCCH channel occupies up to 3 symbols in the time domain.


8. The purpose of PRACH power control is to guarantee the success rate of NR random access, the UE transmits the preamble with as little power as possible, to reduce the interference to the neighboring cell and to save power for the UE.


9. In the NSA network, NR will be recorded on the 5G network side when a call drops.


10. NR uses A3 event to trigger PSCe11 change.


11. Which of the following NR system definition indicators is at the base station level?


12. Which of the following parameters is related to the frequency domain position of DMRs of PBCH?


13. In the NSA network, which of the following statistics is closest to the user’s experience rate?


14. When the NR subcarrier is configured to 30Khz, what are the corresponding number of symbols and timeslots per time slot?


15. What is the typical value of Noise Figure (NF) of 5G CPE receiver?


16. In the NSA architecture, how is the threshold of the B1 event sent to the UE?


17. Under the NR network, what should the minimum MCS value be for users to get close to the highest uplink rate?


18. In order to solve the problem of deep coverage of NR network, which of the following measures is undesirable?


19. In the NSA network, after which of the following messages does it indicate that the UE is fully connected to the 5G network?


20. gNOdeB adjusts the value of TPC through the DCI format Uo / U1 of PDCCH, what is the length of DCI?


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