H35-510-ENU Questions and Answers – Huawei Certified Network Associate-GSM RNP&RNO

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H35-510-ENU Questions and Answers – Huawei Certified Network Associate-GSM RNP&RNO

1. In order to avoid the risk of falling after the relocation, in addition to planning for reasonable planning, the station top power of the relocated base station must be tested and recorded during the implementation of the project.


2. When relocating, the antenna feeder and the frequency planning is used, so it will not affect the place covered by the repeater.


3. The GSM900/GSM1800 dual-frequency networking mode can effectively meet the needs of GSM network capacity growth. What are the advantages of introducing GSM1800 network? (Multiple Choice)


4. In order to better keep up with changes in the wireless environment, the power control cycle in GSM is preferably set to 1 (0.5 seconds).


5. When the user moves a call in a different cell, how does the base station system ensure that the call is not interrupted?


6. When the user enters another location area from an address area in an idle state, what will the mobile phone perform?


7. The feeder of Antenna Feeder needs to be backwatered before entering the room to prevent rainwater from flowing out of the rack along the feeder.


8. What are the benefits of mobile station power control?


9. What is the minimum period adjustment of the performance measurement data of the BSC?


10. In which area is paging performed?


11. The signal level received in a certain area is -50 dBm, and the interference level at this frequency is -150 dBm. What is the C/I value?


12. What is the purpose of using diversity technology?


13. The Frame number encoding in the same paging is small, which can speed up the paging response time; the disadvantage is that the battery consumption of the MS is fast, and the number of paging subchannels is small.


14. In order to avoid congestion of the AGCH channel, a non-combined CCCH configuration mode may be adopted to increase the number of AGCH reserved blocks.


15. Which of the following statement is correct about location updates?


16. When the road test finds that a certain cell may be a missing neighboring area, it needs to measure the neighboring area to determine whether it is a real neighbor. What is the first job that needs to be done?


17. The division of the location area should not be too large or too small. If the coverage of the location area is too small, the process of location update of the mobile station will increase, thereby increasing the signaling traffic in the system; conversely, if the coverage of the location area is too large, the PCH channel will be overloaded and Abis signaling traffic on the interface will be added.


18. In the CW test, the test site generally requires an antenna height greater than 20 meters and an antenna 5 meters above the nearest obstacle.


19. T3212 (periodic location update time limit) of different cells in the same location area in the BSC is recommended to be set to be the same, and is smaller than the periodic location update time set in the MSC.


20. Which statement is wrong about the location area?


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