[H35-560 free questions] H35-560 HCNA-LTE RNP&RNO exam online

HCNA-LTE RNP&RNO H35-560 exam questions new updated recently, you can practice in the following H35-560 free questions which are a small part of Passquestion Huawei H35-560 full version, all H35-560 questions and answers are collected from real test and it can help you pass your H35-560 Huawei Certified Network Associate-LTE RNP&RNO exam easily.

HCNA-LTE RNP&RNO H35-560 Free Questions To Test Online

1. In the same-frequency different station switching, which signaling will eNodeB receive to record a successful handover?


2. Which of the following messages will The MME assign a set of TAI (TAI list) to the UE? (Multiple Choice)


3. Which of the following is the maximum configurable co-frequency neighbor relationship for eRAN3.0?


4. Which of the following access preamble formats is only supported by LTE TDD?


5. Which of the following channels indicates the number of symbols occupied by the PDCCH channel?


6. In the selection of antennas, how many horizontal half-power angle antennas are generally used in ordinary urban areas?


7. The current China Mobile D-band spectrum ranges from 2570MHz to 2620MHz.


8. In a single-antenna scenario, one RB in the frequency domain and one millisecond in the time domain. How many REs are used to transmit RS. Which of the following is correct?


9. Among the following options, what are the reasons for the normal release of E-RAB?


10. The single-test requirements of the LTE room sub-site and the macro station site are identical, and an acceptance report template can be shared.


11. Which of the following does specific principles of site selection include? (Multiple Choice)


12. Which of the following functions is used for automatic planning in the neighborhood?


13. Which of the following are the LTE network coverage assessment indicators? (Multiple Choice)


14. Which of the following characteristics should the antenna used for LTE high-speed rail coverage? (Multiple Choice)


15. The indoor coverage mode mainly includes the ordinary macro station penetrating coverage indoor, the outdoor macro station antenna tilting up to cover the upper part of the high building, and the distributed antenna system.


16. Which of the following belong to test content for single-site verification? (Multiple Choice)


17. Which of the following is not an influence factor in the drive test rate?


18. The selection of the site is mainly based on coverage, anti-interference, and traffic balance.


19. The LTE neighboring area configuration problem includes: redundant neighboring area, missing neighboring area, unreasonable priority of neighboring area, and PCI conflict.


20. How many RBs does 20MHz contain in the frequency domain, which of the following is correct?


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