H35-561 HCNP – LTE RNP&RNO Exam Free Questions

Would you like to obtain HCNP – LTE RNP&RNO certificate? Without having enough time to prepare for your Huawei H35-561 exam, what should you do to pass your exam? You can practice our H35-561 HCNP – LTE RNP&RNO Exam Free Questions online which are a small part of our full version, all of our H35-561 questions answers are collected from real test in Huawei test center which can help you pass your HCNP – LTE RNP&RNO H35-561 exam successfully. Download H35-561 full version, you can visit our Passquestion website.

HCNP – LTE RNP&RNO H35-561 Free Questions To Test Online

1. Which of the following methods can be used to solve the coverage problem? (Multiple Choice)


2. 1*3*3 indicates that one base station has 3 cells, and each cell uses the same frequency.


3. Which of the following events can be used to trigger an inter-frequency switch? (Multiple Choice)


4. Which of the following is the basic number identifier for the IMS user?


5. Which of the following technologies are the same for TDD and FDD? (Multiple Choice)


6. Which of the following channels belong to the upstream channels? (Multiple Choice)


7. Which of the following is not the main function of LTE Layer 2?


8. In the handover failure analysis process, if the eNB does not receive the measurement report, which of the following should be transferred to analyze?


9. In the VoLTE solution, which QCI is the video stream?


10. The PRACH power control aims to transmit the preamble with as little power as possible while ensuring the eNodeB random access success rate.


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