H35-910-ENU Practice Questions – HCS-Wireless Hardware Installation(Written)

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H35-910-ENU Practice Questions – HCS-Wireless Hardware Installation(Written)

1. If the violation involves multiple aggravating standards, Accumulated penalties will be imposed for violations of the prescribed level.


2. The basic principles for determining the level of cybersecurity violations are: the nature of the behavior, the resulting loss and the severity of the impact, and whether the offending personnel is intentional.


3. Which of the following statement is true about the input voltage of the BBU3900?


4. What is the name of cable connecting the RRU to the antenna?


5. Which of the following is the general cabinet power-on procedure?


6. Which of the following devices should the DBS3900 site include? (Multiple Choice)


7. Which of the following modules cannot be installed in an APM 30H cabinet?


8. Which of the following description is correct about the operation requirement?


9. What kind of grounding method is the grounding of the GPS arrester?


10. What is the minimum number of tower workers required for a construction team involved in the operation on the tower?


11. What is the power input supported by the DBS3900 base station?


12. Regarding the “high-risk operation” after an engineering accident, which of the following is not the direct notification object of the on-site supervision?


13. The CPRI cable must be connected correctly at one time. Otherwise, the RRU may be abnormal.


14. When it comes to construction safety operations, what is the time order of inspections must be guaranteed?


15. The remote ESC antenna includes an ESC antenna and a phase shift controller RCU.


16. Which of the following devices can be used to effectively increase the sensitivity of the system and improve the voice quality of the system. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the transmission power of the mobile phone, reduce the interference noise in the system, and improve the communication quality?


17. Which of the following operations should be included before a normal cutover, data modification, or upgrade operation? (Multiple Choice)


18. Which of the following is the work done in the verification phase after “high-risk operation”?


19. Which of the following is the only network element identifier in the BBU?


20. Which of the following description are correct about the interface of the UMPT board? (Multiple Choice)


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