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Test Online Hitachi Data Systems Certification HAT-680 Free Questions

1. You are using the Allocate Storage wizard in Hitachi Device Manager and you want to identify the storage.

Which two specification options are available? (Choose two.)


2. What are two benefits of the Hitachi Command Suite? (Choose two.)


3. Which two Hitachi Device Manager CLI commands will prevent simultaneous updates on a storage array? (Choose two.)


4. You plan to disable automatic tier relocation of certain HDT volumes in Hitachi Dynamic Tiering.

What are two valid reasons for doing this? (Choose two.)


5. Using Hitachi Device Manager, a customer needs to see all required information on a display but the screen layout is difficult to read. They do not need to see the volume labels.

What should the customer do?


6. If all volumes are unallocated from a host, which two dialog options are available using Hitachi Device Manager? (Choose two.)


7. You want to monitor the storage capacity used by an application.

Which feature of Hitachi Device Manager would you use to achieve this?


8. What information is provided by the Hitachi Device Manager Agent to the Hitachi Device Manager server? (Choose three.)


9. You are installing Hitachi Device Manager and need to verify the existence of the two pre­defined user profiles.

Which two are they? (Choose two.)


10. You use Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) to manage your VSP and HUS storage systems.

Within the HDvM GUI, in which two locations would you perform storage allocation tasks? (Choose two.)


11. What must be setup before adding an HUS110 into Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) and discovering this storage system?


12. What are two benefits of the Hitachi Command Suite? (Choose two.)


13. A storage administrator managing a Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) environment has used Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular to create a LUN on an HUS110 system.

What should be done next for this change to be reflected within HDvM?


14. You want to configure hosts connected to a VSP using the Host Scan feature of Hitachi Device Manager.

Which action must be performed?


15. Which Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) CLI command would you use when moving the HCS databases to another host?


16. You are a system administrator responsible for an installation of Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP) and want to receive threshold messages indicating that a user requires more space.

Which Hitachi Device Manager CLI command do you use?


17. You are configuring external storage with Hitachi Device Manager on a VSP.

What happens when you set the Cache Mode parameter to Enable?


18. You have reported a Hitachi Device Manager problem to the HDS Global Support center and you are asked to provide troubleshooting data.

Which Web site would allow you to upload the data?


19. What are two features of Hitachi Global Link Manager? (Choose two.)


20. A user reports that a host is unable to see the LUNs added with Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM). When troubleshooting, which two actions should you perform? (Choose two.)


21. A customer is planning to purchase Hitachi modular systems to be virtualized behind their VSPs in an environment with Linux, Windows and VMWare servers.

Which two benefits will the Hitachi Command Suite offer to this customer? (Choose two.)


22. Which three Hitachi storage systems would be used to virtualize external storage? (Choose three.)


23. The manager of a large distributed SAN wants to share the workload of daily administrative tasks between different storage administrators.

Which two elements in Hitachi Device Manager can be used to define the view of the storage components? (Choose two.)


24. A VSP customer wants to optimize their multi-pathing environment and improve I/O performance.

Which two Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) features will assist this customer? (Choose two.)


25. You want to use the Hitachi Command Suite dashboard to show only certain information.

Which two reports would be displayed? (Choose two.)


26. A manufacturing company wants to centrally manage all their multi-pathing software using Hitachi Global Link Manager (HGLM).

Which two types of multi-pathing software are supported? (Choose two.)


27. Which feature allows the naming of LDEVs using Hitachi Device Manager CLI?


28. In which Hitachi Device Manager screen is the Allocate Like Volumes feature available?


29. Hitachi Device Manager manages file servers based on information sent from which two products? (Choose two.)


30. Which two operations would be performed on a VSP using the Element Manager feature of Hitachi Device Manager? (Choose two.)


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