HCIA-5G V1.0 H35-660 Real Questions – English version H35-660-ENU

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HCIA-5G V1.0 H35-660 Real Questions – English version H35-660-ENU

1. With control and user plane separation (CUPS) on the core network, the user can be moved closer to users to reduce transmission delay.


2. In the initial phase of 5G network construction, operator predominantly provide data service for customers.


3. Open trail specification alliance (OTSA) predominately promots the release and application of 28 GHz spectrums.


4. In eMBB application scenarios, 5G significantly improved user experience for mobile broadband servies?


5. 5G technology uses licensed frequency bands. Therefore mobile operators can provide identity authentication and core signaling security.


6. 3GPP release 16 describes only the URLLC and mMTC scenarios.


7. In the 5G era, services will shioft from 2C to emerging vertical industries, including 2B2C, @B, 2H.


8. High frequency mmWave is predominately uses 5G wireless coverage.


9. The first wave of communication 5G predominately targets eMBB services.


10. Standards formulated by Open trial specification alliance (OTSA) also belong to 5G specifications of 3GPP.


11. Device-to-Device (D2D) allows devices to communicate with each other without requiring a network?


12. Using 5G to implement AR and assist industrial operation guidance is typical eMBB scenario


13. Which of the following is the main advantage of the using massive MIMO over traditional MIMO?


14. Which of the following key technologies is used to improve data transmission reliability and reduce retransmission caused by data transmission errors, Thereby indirectly improving spectral efficiency?


15. Which of the following Terms refers to the base station in the radio access network in 5G?


16. In 5G, what is the maximum number of RBs when the subscriber spacing is 30KHz and bandwidth is 100 MHs?


17. In the IMT2020 vision, which of the following is correct ratio of 5G service delay to the 4G service delay?


18. Which of the following are the key factory for operators to select nsa or sa networking?


19. Which of the following frequency bands is used by the Verizon 5F home?


20. Which of the following is disadvantage of wired (power Line) AMI Technology?


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