HCIA-Cloud Computing V4.0 H13-511-ENU New Questions

H13-511 HCIA-Cloud Computing V4.0 certification is available, you can find HCIA-Cloud Computing V3.0 and V4.0 for you to choose in Pearson VUE test center, candidates can’t take v3.0 after Nov.13.2019, you can find the H13-511 HCIA-Cloud Computing V3.0 free questions from Passquestion blog, here I will share some HCIA-Cloud Computing V4.0 H13-511-ENU New Questions.

HCIA-Cloud Computing V4.0 H13-511-ENU New Questions

1. In Huawei FusionCompute, the tools installed for the virtual machine are independent of the operating system type and version used by the virtual machine.


2. Which of the following is not a CPU resource QoS parameter in FusionCompute?


3. Which description is correct about the main purpose of turning on the NUMA function?


4. For FusionSphere, what functions can disk thin configuration achieve? (Multiple Choice)


5. In FusionCompute, when adding shared storage for multiple hosts, which of the following operations are correct? (Multiple Choice)


6. Which description about NUMA is wrong?


7. Which of the following options do not reflect the cloud on-demand self-service feature?


8. For FusionCompute, the IP address of a Windows virtual machine is found to be What is the possible reason?


9. In FusionCompute, which description about the bare device hardware is wrong?


10. In the FusionCompute, the virtual NIC of each virtual machine is connected to the port of the virtual switch. To facilitate the configuration and management of multiple ports at the same time, the ports with the same network attributes are divided into the same port group.


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