HCIP-LTE H31-421 Questions and Answers – Huawei Certified ICT Professional-LTE

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HCIP-LTE H31-421 Questions and Answers – Huawei Certified ICT Professional-LTE

1. Which of the following templates are provided by CME to configure eNodeB?


2. The cell selection process provides mobility control for the UE in the RRC connected state.


3. Which of the following messages carries downstream bandwidth and SFN (System Frame Number) information?


4. LTE can use transmit diversity and spatial multiplexing technologies, both of which can increase the user’s peak rate.


5. Which of the following cannot be the UE identity in the paging message?


6. The signaling tracking function of eNodeB can track the signaling of which of the following interfaces?


7. In the summary collection table, which of the following parameters need to be negotiated with the MME/SGW side?


8. How many preamble signatures are available for each cell in LTE?


9. CME can provide eNodeB template, cell template and wireless global template, all these templates are required when using CME to configure eNodeB.


10. M2000 can provide some performance monitoring functions. If you want to monitor the MCS of a user, which of the following performance monitoring functions can be used?


11. In which of the following messages can UE capability information be passed to eNodeB through MME?


12. UE can give feedback PMI (Precoding Matrix Indicator) to eNodeB and eNodeB always use user feedback’s PMI in downlink data transmission.


13. What is the total number of MCS order?


14. When using a RAN sharing function, a cell can configure multiple tracking area codes.


15. To use which kind of following scheduling method can get the maximum cell throughput?


16. In LTE, there are 837 available PFACH preamble in a district.


17. How many code words can TTI maximum mass/pass in LTE system?


18. Which of the following channels in the scheduling process can change the modulation scheme?


19. Which of the following layer does perform HARQ function?


20. Which of the following bearer connection is between the UE and eNodeB?


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