HCNA-Big Data H13-711 free questions online

There are many ways to help you pass HCNA-Big Data certification H13-711 exam and selecting a good pathway is a good protection. There are so many online site offering H13-711 questions, if you are not sure, you can do the online practice in the following HCNA-Big Data H13-711 free questions which collected from Passquestion H13-711 full version,, all questions are from real test, it can help you pass your H13-711 HCNA-Big Data exam successfully.

HCNA-Big Data H13-711 Free Questions To Test Online

1. Which description about the HFile in HBase is not correct?


2. Solr can create index for structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data and provide full-text search ablity.


3. When the HBase write data is executed in the FusionInsight HD system, the data is written into the MemStore, Hlog, and HDP logs. After which step is the write data successfully returned to the client?


4. Neither Spark nor Hadoop apply to iterative computing scenarios.


5. The FusionInsight HD management node provides the dual-HA mechanism. After the primary node fails, the active and standby nodes need to manually implement the failover.


6. In FusionInsight HD system, which does not belong to the cluster node disk partition?


7. The order of the YARN scheduler allocates resources application, which of the following description is correct?


8. A user needs to set up a 350 nodes FusionInsight HD cluster, which solution is the best?


9. The Spark task Executor can run multiple task.


10. In FusionInsight HD, which statement about HBase BIoomFilter feature is not correct?


11. Which part of the data needs to be read when performing HBase read data service?


12. In FusionInsight HD products, which statement about Kafka components are correct? (Multiple choice)


13. Loading data to Hive table, which way is incorrect?


14. What is the abstraction of YARN resources in Hadoop system?


15. When planning the FusionInsight HD V100R002C50 cluster by using the configuration planning tool, you can use the V100R002C60 version configuration planning tool to plan.


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