HCPP-Storage Certification H19-338 Sample Questions

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HCPP-Storage Certification H19-338 Sample Questions

1. Dorado V6 LUNs have controller ownership.


2. To configure HyperMetro for LUNs that are carrying host services, you must first stop the host services.


3. HyperCDP objects can be used to restore data but cannot be directly mapped to hosts for read and write operations.


4. The full-stripe write technology supported by Dorado can effectively improve SSDs’ service life.


5. Controllers must be restarted during software NDU upgrade of Dorado V6.


6. When performing a controller fault test on the Dorado V6 mission-critical product models, ensure that each controller has a link to the host.


7. Which is the technology used for end-to-end protection of data integrity in the industry?


8. Which method can be used to upgrade a Dorado active-active (HyperMetro) solution to a 3DC solution?


9. Which of the following statements is incorrect about the Active-active architecture of Dorado V6?


10. What is the purpose of using sequential I/Os to overwrite all LUNs before testing Dorado performance?


11. Which of the following statements about the relationship between HyperMetro and multipathing software is correct?


12. Which is NOT a typical application of HyperMetro for SAN?


13. In static-priority arbitration mode, if the active-active relationships are functional, but all replication links between storage arrays are down, what will happen?


14. Which statement about the recommended deployment of the quorum device is true?


15. Which is the scale-out networking protocol that OceanStor Dorado V6 supports?


16. In database application scenarios, which is the recommended latency of the active-active (HyperMetro) replication network?


17. Which statement about the ROW technology for OceanStor V5 is true?


18. Which technology does FusionStorage HyperSnap run on?


19. The storage system monitors the responses to I/Os delivered to disks. If the responses exceed the upper limit, the RAID group experiences a read degrade to quickly respond to the hosts. This technology is called:


20. Which statement about the replication network between storage arrays in an active-active (HyperMetro) network is NOT true?


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