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1. Fusion Storage supports the iSCSI protocol only in VMware scenarios.


2. Dorado V6 LUNs have controller ownership.


3. To configure HyperMetro for LUNs that are carrying host services, you must first stop the host services.


4. HyperCDP objects can be used to restore data but cannot be directly mapped to hosts for read and write operations.


5. The full-stripe write technology supported by Dorado can effectively improve SSDs’ service life.


6. Controllers must be restarted during software NDU upgrade of Dorado V6.


7. When performing a controller fault test on the Dorado V6 mission-critical product models, ensure that each controller has a link to the host.


8. Huawei is the only storage vendor that has passed the 9-intensity earthquake resistance certification in China.


9. Huawei HyperMetro (active-active) solution supports non-disruptive capacity expansion.


10. Huawei active-active (HyperMetro) solution must use Huawei UltraPath.


11. Does incremental EC directly aggregate large objects and affect performance?


12. OceanStor 100D uses NVDIMMs as cache, which can prevent data loss during power failure.


13. OceanStor 100D provides inline deduplication.


14. Two quorum devices are deployed at the third-place site.

Both quorum devices can be used for arbitration at the same time.


15. OceanStor 100D can be deployed on standard universal servers.


16. In the test case of front-end interface module redundancy, you must first power off the controller and then the front-end interface module.


17. RAID2.0+ is a block-based virtualization technology. Disks are divided into CKs and CKGs form RAID groups. Therefore, compared with traditional RAID, RAID2.0+ does not require hot spare disks or hot spare space.


18. The system availability is 99.999%, indicating that the annual interruption time of the storage array is about 5 minutes.


19. Unity XT supports full configuration of NVMe SSDS.


20. The active-active status will be interrupted if a quorum server is faulty.


21. The OceanStor Os’s data plane and management plane are isolated from each other. Faults on either plane will not affect the other plane


22. Dorado V6 supports both scale-out and scale-up.


23. Huawei is the only storage supplier that has passed the 9 intensity earthquake resistance certification in China.


24. HyperMetro quorum servers can be deployed on VMs.


25. The deduplication and compression ratio of each LUN can be viewed on the DeviceManager of Dorado V3 (same with Dorado VG)


26. Enabling the Fast Write function of replication links between storage arrays can reduce the amount of data to be transmitted by 50%


27. Oceanstor Dorado V6 series includes entry-level mid-range and high-end product models.


28. After the SSD is removed the dirk domain of the OceanStor Dorado V3 (same with Dorado V6) storage system reconstructs data immediately.


29. The OceanStor OS has multiple innovative technologies to improve storage system reliability, including Huawei RAIG2.0+, SmartMatrix2.0, and HypenMetro.


30. In OceanStor Dorado V6, one LUN is enough for testing close-to-maximum performance.


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