HCS-Pre-Sales-Video Surveillance H19-310-ENU Real Questions

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HCS-Pre-Sales-Video Surveillance H19-310-ENU Real Questions

1. How many D1 accesses can a single VCN3000 support?


2. Huawei eSpace IVS intelligent video surveillance platform management, media access device, internet and other network modules can be co-located on a server to save space and cost, also independently deployed, multiple cluster to improve performance and throughput.


3. The video surveillance project in the park should focus on () (Multiple Choice)


4. What type of camera is arranged in the place where the entrance and exit of the station has a strong light and dark contrast?


5. The advantages of using video surveillance and electronic patrols together is () (Multiple Choice)


6. The main product of Huawei video surveillance platform is ()


7. The project selection of video surveillance in the park has a simple 30/100 principle, which can be used for project selection quickly. The words 30 and 100 refer to ()


8. Which of the following parts is composed of general network video surveillance?


9. Coaxial cable for transmitting video surveillance image signal, its characteristic impedance is ()


10. The power supply scope of the video surveillance system includes () (Multiple Choices)


11. In the monitoring of buildings in the park, corridors, stairways and other areas, the recommended cameras include () (Multiple Choices)


12. In the features of the video surveillance platform, AE means ()


13. The compression formats that Huawei eSpace IVS intelligent video surveillance IPC products do not support are:


14. Huawei single HD decoder (DEC6001-E) HDMI and VGA output resolution highest support ()

15. Huawei IVS platform supports C/S client, B/5 client, and mobile client.

By default, which one is recommended for customers?


16. For Huawei Safe City video surveillance platform, which of the following statement is incorrect?


17. LCD monitor’s resolution is determined by the number of pixels of the LCD screen it uses.


18. Factors affecting the number of core switches in the computer room are () (Multiple Choices)


19. Which of the following is not a reliability feature of VCN3000?


20. The distance between the network camera at the monitoring point in the park and the weak current is more than 150 meters, which of the following transmission methods is not reasonable?


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