How to pass H13-811 HCNA-Cloud Service Exam?

Are you worried about how to pass H13-811 HCNA-Cloud Service Exam? Check the following HCNA-Cloud Service H13-811 free questions which collected from real test by Huawei experts, it is a smalll part of our full version. If you want to get H13-811 full version to study, you can visit our Passquestion website to download, 100% help you pass your H13-811 Huawei Certified Network Associate–Cloud Service exam successfully.

HCNA-Cloud Service H13-811 Free Questions To Test Online

1. The cloud drive is a virtual block storage service which is based on distributed architecture and can expand elastically.


2. What is the Workspace service payment model?


3. Cloud drive backup does not support batch backup of cloud drives.


4. Which of the following features are supported by OBS Browser? (Multiple Choices)


5. What are the main types of protection for Anti-DDoS? (Multiple Choices)


6. After the RDS is enabled with HA, what are the available synchronization modes for active and standby instances? (Multiple choices)


7. In the cloud computing environment, confidentiality, integrity and availability are still the fundamental security requirements on the user side.


8. When the cloud connection is opened, the port type is 10GE. What is the type of the port?


9. Instances added through the scaling strategy cannot be manually removed.


10. Huawei provides developers with the capability opening, which will help developers to integrate open capabilities of Huawei products with their upper-level applications and build differentiated innovative solutions.


11. About cloud hard disk backup, what is the correct statement?


12. When the type of load balancer is private network, which of the following protocols is not supported?


13. How many types of scaling strategy can be supported by elastic scaling?


14. The elastic scaling service can dynamically increase or decrease server resources based on a specified period.


15. Which of the following scenarios can the object storage apply to? (Multiple Choices)


16. After the wizard creation of elastic scaling is completed, you need to manually enable the scaling group.


17. What can we do if the elastic cloud server has insufficient disk capacity?


18. Cloud Container Engine is a high-performance and scalable container service that provides enterprises with the rapidly package/deploy applications, automate operations and maintenance of life cycle management capability of Docker containers, enabling you to create and deploy applications efficiently.


19. What are the lifecycle management of elastic cloud servers?


20. What kinds of terminal types are supported by Workspace? (Multiple choices)


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