How to pass HCNA H12-211? -HCNA H12-211 free questions to test online

HCNA-HNTD H12-211 Certified is becoming the choice of more and more people.  H12-211 Huawei Certified Network Associate exam is difficult and has become a concern of many people.Then How to pass HCNA H12-211 exam easily?  Now you can get the latest HCNA H12-211 free questions to test online, it is a small part collected from real test, if you want to get full version to practice,  you can download from HCNA H12-211 full version.

HCNA H12-211 free questions to test online

1. An administrator wishes to manage the router in the remote branch office, which method can be used?


2. An authenticator router has been configured with two domains named “Areal” and “Area2”, following which a user is created with the username “huawei” and the password “hello” for authentication.

Which domain does this user belongs to?


3. The following figure shows a routing table.

When this router receives a packet with a destination IP address of, the router forwards the packet based on the route because the matched bit number in this route is the largest.


4. Refer to the configuration output.

The administrator configured the device using the commands in the configuration output.

Regarding these commands, which statement is false?


5. Users in the network discovered that the efficiency of a file transfer is low. The administrator used wireshark to observe the network and discovered many duplicate frames.

Which statement correctly explains the reason for this?


6. Refer to the graphic, three Layer 2 switches enabled with STP are connected to the same hub.

The configuration of bridge IDs is as follows while all other configurations use default values.

Which of the following statements is false?


7. On VRP platform, which of the following parameters can be used together with the “ping” command to specify the source address of an echo request message?


8. Refer to the graphic.

Packet encapsulation in the IPsec architecture is performed as shown.

Which IPsec mode is being used to encapsulate the packet?


9. The network administrator creates VLAN 10 and assigns an IP address to VLANIF10.When using the command “display ip interface brief”, the administrator finds that VLANIF10 is down.

What should be done to enable VLANIF10?


10. Which of the following regarding Frame Relay DLCI are correct? (Multiple Choice)


11. Refer to the command output.

ip route-static

Which statement is true regarding this command?


12. Which of the following authentication methods are supported for Telnet users? (Multiple Choice)


13. On an FR network, the DLCI identifies a virtual circuit on an interface. The DLCI must be unique during planning and deployment.


14. A company applies for a class C IP address for subnetting, it has eight branches. The largest branch has a subnet and should support at least 14 hosts.

What would be an appropriate subnet mask?


15. Two routers are configured with OSPFv3. OSPFv3 is enabled on ail interfaces of each router.

Which of the following is true in the event that the network administrator does not configure a Router-ID?


16. Refer to the graphic.

Four switches are operating using STP. One of the port interfaces on ROOT has failed.

How long will it take for the ‘blocked’ interface to change to a state of forwarding?


17. FTP may be used to upgrade a router’s VRP image.

Which of the following transmission modes should be used to achieve this?


18. Which of the following statements are true about the working modes of Ethernet interfaces? (Multiple Choice)


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