HP0-Y52 Free Questions – Applying HP FlexNetwork Fundamentals

HP0-Y52 exam tests your knowledge and skills on basic switching and routing technologies that include VLANs, spanning tree protocols, link aggregation, basic static and dynamic routing, and 802.11 standards. The exam tests your ability to implement these technologies on HPE networking products. Passquestion provides you valid HP0-Y52 Free Questions to help you best prepare and you can practice in the following to check its sample questions.

HP0-Y52 Free Questions – Applying HP FlexNetwork Fundamentals

1. An HP Comware switch should send messages to an SNMP server when various events occur.

What is one step in the configuration of this feature?


2. Refer to the exhibit.

This switch currently assigns all VLANs to Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) instance 0 or the Internal Spanning Tree (IST).

Which statement correctly describes interface 21?


3. Refer to the Exhibit.

Originally, all four switches had the same region configuration. VLAN 14 was added to Switch_D and then mapped to instance 2.

How does this affect the Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) topology?


4. A network administrator enters this command on an HP Comware switch:

<Comware> save

In interactive mode, the administrator is prompted to save to a file named config.cfg and confirms the save.

What is the effect of these actions?


5. A customer is implementing a network using HP ProVision switches.

Which default setting applies to the ProVision switches?


6. A company needs a two-member Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) virtual switch. The network administrator is configuring IRF member 2 that will connect to port 1/1 on IRF member 1.

What is the correct IRF port ID for member 2?


7. A customer wants to implement multiple links between a server and a single HP Comware switch in order to increase the amount of bandwidth for more throughput.

Which feature should the network administrator implement to accomplish this?


8. Refer to the exhibit.

Switch-1 is an HP ProVision switch.

A network administrator wants Switch-1 to run Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and create neighbor relationship on Links 1 and 2.

What should the administrator do to accomplish this?


9. A network administrator configures this command on an HP ProVision switch:

vlan 30 ip helper-address

The switch is able to ping After the administrator configures the command, users in VLAN 30 report that their PCs fall to acquire addresses using DHCP.

What should the administrator ensure?


10. What is one difference between Network Segment-based discovery and ARP-based discovery on HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC)?


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