HPE2-T34 Free Questions – Using HPE OneView

HPE2-T34 certification exam is a popular IT certification, and many people want to have it. With it you can secure your career. Passquestion HPE2-T34 Free Questions are a good training tool. It can help you pass the Using HPE OneView exam successfully. With this HPE2-T34 Free Questions, you will feel easy to pass your HPE2-T34 exam.

HPE2-T34 Free Questions – Using HPE OneView

1. What mechanism does HPE OneView use to get status data from devices as a fail-safe approach to SNMP traps?


2. Refer to the exhibit.

A server administrator using the REST API is troubleshooting the error seen in the exhibit. What needs to be fixed in the command?


3. A customer has a single BladeSystem environment running Virtual Connect and VMware ESXi. The customer wants to manage the enclosure with HPE OneView. What must the customer consider?


4. What types of activities can be displayed in the Activity section of the HPE OneView Ul? (Select two)


5. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator is creating new volumes in preparation for a new Hyper-V cluster On the Create Volume screen the storage administrator notices that the capacity of the volume can’t be edited What is preventing the administrator from increasing the volume size?


6. What are benefits of using templates with HPE OneView? (Select two.)


7. For multiple events to be identified as an SNMP trap storm, what criteria must the traps meet? (Choose three.)


8. An SY480 compute module is having issues and needs to have the motherboard replaced In the interest of time, you decide to move the hard drives to a spare compute module. To prevent losing data, what do you need to do before applying the same profile to the new blade?


9. You remove an HPE SY480 compute module from its bay and install a host bus adapter (HBA) into the compute module. When you install the module back into Its original bay you notice that the server profile in HPE OneView is showing “unassigned”. What Is the reason for this?


10. You added an iPDU to an environment managed by HPE OneView. How will servers that are connected to this iPDU be added to HPE OneView?


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