HPE6-A40 Free Questions – Aruba Certified Mobility Expert 6.4

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HPE6-A40 Free Questions – Aruba Certified Mobility Expert 6.4

1. An Aruba presales engineer works on a proof of concept (PoC) for a customer. As per the customer requirements, RAPs should be deployed at all home offices of employees who work from home. Only traffic from the RAP incorporate subnets,, and should reach the controller. The rest of the traffic should be processed by the local resources.

What is the recommended deployment design to meet these requirements?


2. Refer to the exhibit.

The ap spectrum local-override command is issued at the controller CLI, as shown in the exhibit.

What happens as a result?


3. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer configures three different SSIDs with three different forwarding modes on a Remote AP (RAP­B). Client A1 connects to the Family SSID, which is in bridge-mode. Client A2 connects to the Enterprise 801.1X SSID, which is in split-tunnel mode. Client A3 connects to the Voice PSK SSID, which is in tunnel mode.

In which location is the 802.11 encryption terminated and the traffic decrypted for Clients A1, A2, A3?


4. A network engineer deploys LMS IP and Backup LMS IP technology in a master-local cluster.

Which processes can occur with this configuration? (Choose two.)


5. How is AP redirected to a local controller after the DNS resolution returns the master controller IP address?


6. A network engineer plans to deploy RAP. The company requires RAP to have redundancy so that it can failover to another controller if the primary controller fails.

Which RAP configuration should the engineer implement to meet these requirements?


7. A client device associates to an SSID provisioned with 802.1X authentication. The client is configured for PEAP-MSCHAPv2 authentication. EAP termination (AAA-Fastconnect) is disabled on the controller, but the client continuously cycles through the authentication process.

What could cause this? (Choose two.)


8. A network has one master controller and two local controllers. The local controllers are located in remote branch offices with a WAN link to the HQ site. The master controller is located at the HQ site. There are 802.1X employee and captive portal guest SSIDs supported on APs in both the branch offices and HQ site.

What must be allowed through a firewall located at the HQ site to ensure master and local controller communication?


9. An Aruba 7210 Controller AP-125s are added to AirWave. The controller is added in managed mode to the AirWave group named Aruba. After the controller is added, users start to experience problems and cannot connect to the WLAN.

What could be the case of the problem?


10. An Aruba 7205 controller functions as a standby master.

How many Campus APs can it control while in standby mode?


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