HPE6-A42 Free Questions – Implementing Aruba WLAN (IAW) 8 V10.02

As the requirement of Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA) V8 certification, HPE6-A42 Implementing Aruba WLAN (IAW) 8 exam becomes more and more popular. PassQuestion HPE6-A42 exam questions come with real exam Q&As, which ensure that you can pass HPE6-A42 exam. More, I suggest you take your HPE6-A42 exam for ACMA V8 certification as soon as possible. It will not be available as of 1 November 2019. The new exam is HPE6-A70 – Implementing Aruba WLAN (IAW) 8.4.

HPE6-A42 Free Questions – Implementing Aruba WLAN (IAW) 8 V10.02

1. What is a requirement for the Dashboard > Traffic Analysis window on the Aruba Mobility Master (MM) to show data?


2. A company has an Aruba Mobility Master (MM)-based solution. A network administrator wants to collect and analyze information about clients and access points (APs) over extended periods of time.
What should the administrator do to achieve this goal?


3. How can network administrators upgrade AirMatch on an Aruba Mobility Master (MM)?


4. A company wants to provide wireless access for guests with their Aruba solution.
Which configuration feature requires the customer to purchase PEFNG licenses?


5. An AP operates on channel 6.
Which device causes the most significant and consistent interference with the signal?


6. A network administrator needs to create an Aruba firewall rule that permits wireless users to receive DHCP settings when they first connect to the Aruba solution.
What are the correct source and destination aliases for the rule?


7. How can network administrator provide high availability for APs deployed in an Aruba Mobility Master (MM)-based architecture?


8. A WLAN in an Aruba Mobility Master (MM)-based solution enforces Enterprise-WPA2 security and uses the tunnel forwarding mode. The company has an external RADIUS server.
Which device exchanges RADIUS packets with the RADIUS server?


9. A network administratpr adds several new APs to an Aruba solution that uses AirMatch. The administrator does not want to change the channel for the existing APs, but wants the new APs to receive a provisional plan for theit channels and power.
What should the administrator do to meet this goal?


10. What is the minimum space between channels in the 2.4GHz range to prevent overlap?


11. Which task can an Aruba Air Monitor (AM) perform?


12. A Mobility Controller (MC) runs ArubaOS 8.
What is a valid reason for an administrator to set the MC to master-local mode?


13. A network administrator wants to implement MAC filtering for the wireless network of a local financial firm to ensure that only employees can access the wireless network.
What is a potential weakness of this solution?


14. Wich type of authentication server should administrators select to authenticate useres to a ClearPass server?


15. A network administrator wants to use unique digital certificates installed on user devices to authenticate wireless users.
Which EAP method should the RADIUS server and clients support?


16. A network administrator needs to configure firewall rules for three roles:
– Finance
– Sales
– Employee
Several rules apply to both the Employee and Sales roles, but not to the Finance role.
What is the simplest way to configure these rules?


17. A company has an Aruba solution. The company wants to host a guest login portal with this solution, and the login portal must gie guests the option to create their own login accounts.
How can a network administrator help meet these criteria?


18. An Aruba Mobility Master (MM)-based solution has a WLAN that uses WPA2-Enterprise security. A test login on a wireless client fails.
How can a network administrator determine whether the RADIUS server rejected the credentials or another issue occurred?


19. What is a reason for a company to choose to deploy an Aruba 7024 Mobility Controller (MC) rather than an Aruba 7010 MC?


20. What does an Aruba Mobility Master (MM) do before it deploys a configuration to a Mobility Controller (MC)?


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