HPE6-A46 Exam Questions Are Available For Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam

HPE6-A46 Exam Questions are new released by PassQuestion team, you will get real HPE6-A46 questions and answers to best prepare for your test and it will ensure you pass your Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam successfully.

HPE6-A46 Exam Questions Are Available For Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam

1. Refer to the exhibit.

AOS-Switches will enforce 802.1X authentication on edge ports. The company has two RADIUS servers, which are meant to provide redundancy and load sharing of requests. The exhibit shows the planned RADIUS settings to deploy to the switches.

What should customers understand about this plan?


2. An administrator wants to ensure that an AOS-Switch forwards all traffic that it receives on interface 1 with high priority.

– Switches should also communicate the high priority to other switches across the traffic path.
– The switch has type of service disabled.
– The administrator plans to apply 802.1p priority 5 to interface 1.

What should the administrator check to ensure that the configuration will work properly?


3. Refer to the exhibit.

A network administrator sets up prioritization for an application that runs between Device 1 and Device 2. However, the QoS for the application is not what the administrator expects.

How can the administrator check if the network infrastructure prioritizes traffic from Device 1 and Device 2?


4. An AOS-Switch implements tunneled node.

Which benefit does the PAPI enhanced security key provide?


5. Refer to the exhibit.

A network administrator needs to deploy AOS-Switches that implement port-based tunneled node. Their Aruba controller has IP address The architect has assigned tunneled-node endpoints to VLAN 20.

What is one issue with the current configuration planned for VLAN 20 on the switch?


6. OSPF Area 1 has two ABRs. One ABR is configured with this range for Area 1: The other ABR is not configured with a range for Area 1.

Which type of issue occurs due to this mismatch?


7. A network administrator configures connection rate filtering on interface 1 with the throttle action. Device 1 crosses the threshold and triggers the action.

What does the switch do?


8. What must an OSPF router do to ensure nonstop routing should a standby member take over as commander when the original VSF commander fails?


9. Two AOS-Switches are directly interconnected. The network administrator wants to prevent broadcast storms and other Layer 2 issues that could occur if there is physical damage to a cable.

Which technology should the administrator implement on the connected switch interfaces?


10. Refer to the exhibit.

The routing switches shown in the exhibit run OSPF on the links between each other. The commander in the Switch-1 VSF fabric goes down. Traffic is disrupted for several seconds.

What should a network administrator do to support a faster failover in a similar situation?


11. Which benefit is provided by MD5 authentication for BGP?


12. An AOS-Switch needs to be configured to support tunneled node in role-based mode. The Mobility Controller administrators tell the switch administrators that the AOS-Switch will integrate with a cluster of Mobility Controllers. The cluster virtual IP address is

How should switch administrator integrate the AOS-Switch with the cluster?


13. An AOS-Switch runs IGMP on A VLAN.

What is a requirement for the switch to be a potential IGMP querier on that VLAN?


14. Refer to the exhibit.

Switch-1 runs BGP. What should the network administrator do to permit Switch-1 to establish a neighbor relationship with Router-1?


15. Refer to the exhibit.

An AOS-Switch has an extended ACL that is applied to several physical interfaces.
– New interfaces have been brought online.
– The ACL has been applied to them as well.

A network administrator sees the output in the exhibit and is concerned that the switch will reach the limit for rules.

What can the administrator do to address this concern?


16. Refer to the exhibit.

A company requires distribution layer switches that can provide Layer 2 and Layer 3 redundancy. The exhibit shows the proposal for these switches. Which change to the proposal will help meet the company’s requirements?


17. Network administrators need to track when traffic matches deny entry in an ACL applied to a port. They want the alert to be sent to a syslog server that is already set up to send logs.

What should administrators do to enable alerts?


18. Which switches can be deployed in a mesh topology for backplane stacking?


19. A network administrator needs to create a QoS policy on an AOS-Switch. What is one component that the administrator must create before the policy?


20. A network administrator needs to create a backplane stack with four AOS-Switches. The administrator wants to choose which switch becomes the commander. Which procedure meets those needs?


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