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HPE6-A71 Aruba Certified Mobility Professional is a exam tests your skills with the WLAN design, deployment, and troubleshooting of Aruba Mobile First Network Solutions in complex highly available campus and branch environments.  Now, you can come to PassQuestion to get HPE6-A71 real exam questions to pass HPE6-A71 Aruba Certified Mobility Professional exam. The following HPE6-A71 Free Questions is a part of PassQuestion HPE6-A71 real exam questions.

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1. An administrator deploys an AP at a branch office. The branch office has a private WAN circuit that provides connectivity to a corporate office controller. An Ethernet port on the AP is connected to a network storage device that contains sensitive information. The administrator is concerned about sending this traffic in clear-text across the private WAN circuit.

What can the administrator do to prevent this problem?


2. An administrator needs to modify a VAP used for a branch office RAP. The VAP’s operating mode is currently defined as backup and uses tunnel mode forwarding. The administrator wants to implement split-tunnel forwarding mode in the VAP.

Which WLAN operating mode must the administrator define for the VAP before the tunnel forwarding mode can be changed to split-tunnel?


3. The administrator expects the AP to connect to a cluster, but the AP fails to connect.

The administrator examines the configuration of an AP from apboot mode shown in the exhibit.

What can the administrator determine about the configuration of the AP?


4. An administrator creates service-based policies for AirGroup on the Mobility Master (MM). The administrator can define location-based policy limits based on which information?


5. An administrator supports a RAP at a branch office. A user’s device that is attached to the Ethernet port is assigned an 802.1X AAA policy and is configured for tunneled node.

How is the user’s traffic transmitted to the corporate office?


6. An administrator creates a user role that department A in a company uses. Various other roles exist for other departments. All employees connect to the same ESSID, which authenticates to an external AAA server.

How should the administrator configure the controller to assign the appropriate roles to the employees?


7. An administrator implements two redundant Aruba Mobility Masters (MMs).

Which protocol should the administrator use to detect a failure in a single subnet?


8. An administrator creates new pre- and post-authentication roles for a new WLAN.

For which profile should the administrator assign these new roles under the Managed Network section?


9. Which forwarding mode is used for a WLAN if a RAP needs to decrypt all user traffic and forward it locally?


10. A company opens a new branch office and a RAP is used to connect to a corporate office Aruba Mobility Controller (MC). The company needs to provide connectivity to the office across the street. There is an AP across the street.

However, there is no wired connectivity between the buildings.

Which actions can the administrator select to provide the required connectivity? (Choose two.)


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