IBM QRadar SIEM V7.3.2 Fundamental Analysis C1000-018 Exam Questions

How to pass your C1000-018 IBM QRadar SIEM V7.3.2 Fundamental Analysis exam? You can get the latest C1000-018 Exam Questions to practice real questions so that you can feel confidence to pass your IBM C1000-018 exam. There are 60 practice questions and answers which cover all exam objectives to ensure you pass your IBM C1000-018 exam successfully.

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1. An analyst needs to investigate an Offense and navigates to the attached rule(s).

Where in the rule details would the analyst investigate the reason for why the rule was triggered?


2. How does an analyst view which rule triggered an Offense in the Offense summary page?


3. An analyst needs to review additional information about the Offense top contributors, including notes and annotations that are collected about the Offense.

Where can the analyst review this information?


4. An analyst has been assigned a task to modify a rule in such a manner that Source IP of the triggered Offense from this rule should be stored in a Reference set.

Under which section of the rule wizard can the analyst achieve this?


5. An analyst notices that there are a number of invalid Offenses being created from a network node. This node has been determined to be in Domain 2 and has the following log sources sending it events: (3Com 8800 Series Switch from, Cisco ACE Firewall from, FireEye from, and Palo Alto PA Series from

The analyst should create a False Positive Building Block that has a filter:


6. Where can an analyst investigate a security incident to determine the root cause of an issue, and then work to resolve it?


7. Which considering the ability to tune False Positives with the Confidence factor Setting, which statement applies?


8. From which tab in QRadar SIEM can an analyst search vulnerability data and remediate vulnerabilities?


9. An analyst is performing an investigation regarding an Offense. The analyst is uncertain to whom some of the external destination IP addresses in List of Events are registered.

How can the analyst verify to whom the IP addresses are registered?


10. An analyst needs to find all events that are creating offenses that are triggered by rules that contain the word suspicious in the rule name.

Which query can the analyst use as a working sample?


11. An analyst has created a custom property from the events for searching for critical information. The analyst also needs to reduce the number of event logs and data volume that is searched when looking for the critical information to maintain the efficiency and performance of QRadar.

Which feature should the analyst use?


12. What is required to create an anomaly rule?


13. What steps are needed to add an Annotation to an event or flow that triggered a Rule?


14. What does the Assets tab provide?

A unified view of the information that is kwon about:


15. After working with an Offense, an analyst set the Offense as hidden.

What does the analyst need to do to view the Offense at a later time?


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