IIBA-AAC Practice Test Questions – IIBA Agile Analysis Certification

IIBA®-AAC certification strengthens your skills and expertise, focusing on applying an agile perspective within a business analysis framework. The Agile Analysis certification exam, formulated from the Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide, consists of 85 multiple choice, scenario-based questions, and must be completed within 2 hours.

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IIBA-AAC Practice Test Questions – IIBA Agile Analysis Certification

1. After some debate the delivery team decides to use the product roadmap because it will help them:


2. A team has been delivering a steady stream of small value increments towards a goal for 4 months, and has completed several solution components, with several still potentially doable.

The solution owner examines the reactions to the delivered components from customers, and decides which one(s) the team will do next. The solution owner is demonstrating:


3. The team decides a story is too big to do in one iteration. The correct technique to apply at this point is:


4. A team discovers that their accomplished deliverables are not impacting the goal strongly. They have several more iterations of similar work scheduled and are ready to execute, and they expect delivering this work will produce similar poor impacts. They choose to shift their delivery work to a different initiative while they assess the poorly performing work for other ways that would produce good results.

This shows that the team values which of the following things highest?


5. While discussing team norms, the team determines that within the Delivery Horizon, communication will be:


6. While working at the strategy level, the team needs to ensure stakeholders actively support an environment for constructive communication, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

They decide to use the following to achieve this goal?


7. The team is very busy working on a top priority initiative. They have delivered many user stories and have many left to complete.

However the components they are delivering are not yet delivering end-to-end business value.

How can the team maintain understanding of the big picture without getting lost in the details?


8. When decomposing stories, the concept of “breadth before depth” signifies progressively breaking down:


9. The delivery team is in a meeting identifying cycle time improvement opportunities for delivery of the final product. They decide to apply the following technique:


10. The team members are discussing the level of effort that different backlog items are likely to require, and how much effort is available for the next sprint.

This is an example of the principle:


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