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1. Consider a TAS that uses a keyword-driven framework. The SUT is a web application and there is a large set of keywords available for writing the automated tests that relate to highly specific user actions linked directly to the GUI of the SUT. The automated test written with the keywords are statically analyzed by a custom tool which highlight’s repeated instances of identical sequence of keywords. The waiting mechanism implemented by the TAS for a webpage load is based on a synchronous sampling within a given timeout. The TAS allowschecking a webpage load everyseconds until a timeout value


2. Which of the following attributes should NOT be included in a test execution report associated with a suite of automated tests?


3. Assume that you are the TAE responsible for the correct functioning of a TAS, deployed in a test environment that consists of a few machines running the same version of the operating system. The TAS has been working and stable since its deployment, it has been used to run an automated test suite consisting of many similar automated test. The infrastructure team is planning to update the operating system on these machines by installing a new the service pack for security reasons. Since the vendor of the operating system assurance full backward compatibility, the infrastructure team assurance that there will be no impacts on the functioning of the TAS.

What is the BEST approach to confirm the correct functioning of the TAS in this scenario?


4. Which of the following is NOT a technical design consideration for a TAA?


5. A TAS uses a commercial test automation tool and the default logs generated by the inconsistent formats such as different types of messages (pass/fail steps, screenshots, warnings, etc.) To solve this issue some custom logging functions have been created from the test scripts, making it possible to log the different types of messages with the same format. However, this may cause a problem due to excessive size of the logs which can make it difficult to find the required information. Assume that all the default logs will be disabled when running the automated tests and that some tests will not generate excessively sized logs.

Which of the following represents the BEST suggestion for implementing the custom logging functions?


6. Which of the following statements about the reuse of TAS artefacts is TRUE?


7. Which of the following statementsdoes NOT describe good practice for maintaining the TAS?


8. A defect in a SUT has been resolved and validated by an automated defect re-test in the current release of the software. This retest has now been added to the automated regression test suite.

Which statement BEST describes a reason why this defect could re-occur in future releases?


9. A regression test suite consist of 500 test cases which are all executed manually. The business case for a pilot project is based on the adoption of test automation using a commercial tool that will reduce the execution time by a factor of 90% for 100% of the tests in the regression test suite. The pilot project lasted one month ( as planned) and you are currently its results. At the end of the pilot project, 40% of the regression tests have been automated and their execution time has been reduce by 60%.

Which of the following statements is TRUE in this scenario?


10. Designing the System Under Test (SUT) for testability is important for a good test automation approach and can also benefit manual test execution.

Which of the following is NOT a consideration when designing for testability?


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