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CTFL_Syll2018 exam is a pre-requisite to other ISTQB certifications where Foundation Level is required. The Foundation Level Syllabus forms the basis for the International Software Testing Qualification at the Foundation Level.  The latest ISTQB Foundation Level 2018 CTFL_Syll2018 Exam Questions are available at PassQuestion to help you best prepare for your test and pass your ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level exam successfully in your first attempt.

Practice Online ISTQB Foundation Level 2018 CTFL_Syll2018 Free Questions

1. A money order system is designed to calculate the charge for a transfer

– Amounts from 1 to 1999 are charged EUR 10.

– Amounts from 2000 to 5000 are charged EUR 15

– Amounts below EUR 1 or above EUR 5000 are not accepted.

Assume that only integer values can occur.

Which of these sets of amounts covers all equivalence classes?


2. Where and by whom is Beta testing normally performed?


3. Which statement about use case testing is true?


4. An organization is working on updating test cases for a particular module of their software.

Sam updated a set of test cases yesterday and saved the new version on his PC.

Unfortunately, the hard disk of his PC crashed, and his work was lost.

The IT department of the organization restored the contents of his hard disk with the last available back-up – from the previous morning However the changes made by him yesterday were lost forever

Which of the following tools, had it been used, would have prevented the loss of Sam’s updates?


5. The following sentences refer to the Standard for Software Test Documentation’ specification (IEEE 829) .

Which sentence is correct?


6. Which of the following is a correct set of boundary values to test the "Group Size" parameter, as defined by the following statement;

"In a reservation system for groups visiting a small museum, the graphical user interface presents a field asking the number of group members. Group size can be anywhere from 2 to 20 visitors"


7. In foundation level syllabus you will find the main basic principles of testing.

Which of the following sentences describes one of these basic principles?


8. Which of the following is an example of black-box dynamic testing?


9. Which of the following is NOT an objective of testing?


10. Which of the following is correct?


11. A software company decided to buy a commercial application for its accounting operations. As part of the evaluation process, the company decided to assemble a team to test a number of candidate applications.

Which team would be the most suitable for this goal?


12. Which of the following statements is correct?


13. Which of the following tool types is the most useful one for a test manager?


14. The following incident report that was generated during test of a web application

What would you suggest as the most important report improvement?

Defect detected date: 15.8.2010

Defect detected by. Joe Smith

Test level System test

Test case Area 5/TC 98

Build version: 2011-16.2

Defect description After having filled out all required fields in screen 1,1 click ENTER to continue to screen 2. Nothing happens, no system response at all.


15. Which of the following test types is a part of the V-Model?


16. The following program part is given:

IF (condition A)

then DO B


How many test cases are necessary in order to achieve 100% statement coverage?


17. Once a bug is fixed, it should be retested.

What is the term used to define this type of testing?


18. A Software was re-deployed because the backend database was changed from one vendor to another The Test Manager decided to perform some functional tests on the redeployed system.

This is an example of test of which test type?


19. Which of the following test techniques is structure-based?


20. Which of the following is an appropriate reason for maintenance testing?


21. "Statement Testing" is part of;


22. Testing should provide sufficient information to stakeholders to make informed decisions about the release of the software or system being tested.

At which of the following fundamental test process activity the sufficiency of the testing and the resulting information are assessed?


23. Which of the following is NOT an example of a common test metric?


24. Which of the following is NOT a deciding factor in determining the extent of testing required?


25. Given the following requirement:

Which of the following statements is NOT correct?


26. Which ONE of the following statements does NOT describe how testing contributes to higher quality?


27. Which of the following is a task of the Test Analysis and Design activity of the test process?


28. Which of the following defect types are LEAST likely to be discovered when using static analysis tools?


29. The following diagram lists various types of operating systems, databases and application servers supported by the application under test.

For complete coverage of all combinations, how many combinations of the above are to be tested?


30. What is the difference between system integration testing and acceptance testing?


31. Which of the following is NOT an example of a typical risk-based testing activity?


32. Which of the following errors CANNOT be found with structure-based testing techniques?


33. Which of the following statements about decision tables are TRUE?

I. Generally, decision tables are generated for low risk test items

II. Test cases derived from decision tables can be used for component tests.

III. Several test cases can be selected for each column of the decision table.

IV. The conditions in the decision table represent negative tests generally.


34. Which of the following is NOT a factor on which test estimation is dependent upon?


35. What does the term Pesticide paradox’ refer to?


36. A software company adopts the V-model as their development life cycle.

Which of the following contains roles of a tester in this company?


37. Send "reservation ready" message to a borrower

Which of the following test sequences represents a possible use case? (a test sequence always start with test #1)


38. When testing a mission critical system a high coverage should be achieved.

Which of the following techniques should be implemented as a structural based coverage technique in order to achieve highest coverage?


39. Which of the following statements is true?


40. Out of the following, what is not needed to specify in defect report?


41. When an organization considers the use of testing tools, they should:


42. When should testers be involved in reviewing a UAT specification? [K1]


43. Which of the following test design techniques is classified as a structure-based (white box) technique? [K1]


44. Under which of the following circumstances is maintenance testing required? [K1]


45. End

How many test cases are needed to achieve 100 per cent decision coverage?


46. What are metrics NOT used for?


47. Which of the following processes ensures that all items of test ware are identified, version controlled, tracked for changes, so that traceability can be maintained throughout the test process?


48. Which of the following is a white box testing design characteristic?


49. Dynamic Analysis Tools are used to:


50. Which of the following is a consideration when deploying test execution tools? [K1]


51. Which of the following BEST defines static techniques? [K1]


52. What is a test condition?


53. The four test levels defined for a common V-model testing approach are:


54. What content would be in an incident report if that incident report was based on the IEEE 829 Standard for SoftwareTest Documentation?

(i) Identification of configuration items of the software or system.

(ii) Software or system lifecycle process in which the incident was observed.

(iii) Description of the anomaly to enable reproduction of the incident.

(iv) Number of occurrences of the incident.

(v) Classification of the cause of the incident for metrics and for reporting purposes.

Number of correct answers: 1


55. Which of the following accurately defines the integration testing test level? [K2]


56. A client-server system for a web development must support a minimum of 200 enquiries per hour. In peak times, it must be available 24 hours x 7 days due to the critical nature of the application, and must have a response time lower than 20 seconds during peak loads.

Which of the following set of test types would be most appropriate to verify the non-functional requirements expressed in this statement?


57. Before an invoice can be created, an account is required. Before an account can be set up, an account user is required (in order to set up the account) . The software is delivered with a master user only, who can only create other types of users. The following test cases have been written to test the high-level structure of the software

a. Create an invoice

b. Amend an invoice

c. Process an invoice (send to customer)

d. Delete an invoice

e. Create an account

f. Create an account user

g. Amend an account user

h. Delete an account user

i. Amend an account

j. Delete an account

Which of the following test procedures would enable all tests to be run? [K3]


58. Which of the following statements is most true about test conditions?


59. A system calculates the amount of customs duty to be paid:

_ No duty is paid on goods value up to, and including, $2,000.

_ The next $8,000 is taxed at 10%.

_ The next $20,000 after that is taxed at 12%.

_ Any further amount after that is taxed at 17%.

To the nearest $, which of these groups of numbers fall into three DIFFERENT equivalence classes?


60. Which of the following would typically be identified using static analysis by tools? [K1]


61. Which TWO of the following test tools would be classified as test execution tools? [K2]

a. Test data preparation tools

b. Test harness

c. Review tools

d. Test comparators

e. Configuration management tools


62. What other details should be included in the following incident report when it is first submitted?

Date of Issue: 23/11/05

Severity: P1

Build: Version15.6

Details: Expected field to be limited to 15 chars, able to enter 27


63. Which of the following risks represents the highest level of risk to the project?


64. What is static analysis?


65. Which of the following test organizations has the highest level of independence?


66. Which of the following BEST describes the relationship between test planning and test execution? [K2]


67. Why is independent testing important? [K1]


68. Component testing may include:


69. Equivalence Partitioning is best defined as:


70. Which of the test cases below will exercise both outcomes from decision 2? [K3]

Refer to the exhibit


71. What factors should be considered to determine whether enough testing has been performed?

(i) The exit criteria.

(ii) The budget.

(iii) How big the test team is.

(iv) The product’s risk profile.

(v) How good the testing tools are.

(vi) Sufficient details of the system status to allow decisions


72. Which of the following are valid test objectives?

(i) Finding defects.

(ii) Gaining confidence about the level of quality and providing information.

(iii) Preventing defects.

(iv) Debugging the code.


73. Which statement BEST describes when test planning should be performed? [K1]


74. A test case starts at S1 and triggers 4 events in sequence: E1, E4, E5, E7.

What will be the finishing state and the output(s) from the test case? [K3]


75. Which from the following list are typically found to enable the review process to be successful? [K2]

a. Each review has clear defined objectives

b. The lower the number of defects, the better the review process

c. The right people for the review objective are involved

d. There is an emphasis on learning and process improvement

e. Management are not involved in the process at all

f. Checklists should not be used, as these slow down the process

g. Defects found are welcomed and expressed objectively


76. Which of the following factors will MOST affect the testing effort required to test a software product? [K1]


77. An iPhone application identifies and counts all purchases of a particular product from a shopping website. The application incorrectly counts purchase attempts by including both failed attempts, and also those where the purchase was terminated by the user before completion. Testing has identified that the problem was located in the ‘purchase identification’ module, where the first stage in the purchasing process was counted, rather than a successful confirmed purchase.

Which of the following statements correctly identifies what has happened? [K2]


78. Which statement correctly describes debugging? [K2]


79. A data driven approach to test automation design is best described as:


80. What is the main reason for using a pilot project to introduce a testing tool into an organization? [K1]


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