Jira Administrator ACP-100 Practice Test Questions

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1. Which three factors should you consider when deciding between Jira Cloud and Jira Server? (Choose three.)


2. You want to introduce Jira to your small non-profit organization.

Since you are unsure of the optimal deployment option you have gathered some requirements:

– You need to manage a team of up to 15 employees.

– You need to be able to track a backlog of staff action items.

– You want to easily visualize the progress of ongoing work.

The solution must require minimal administration since your organization only has a part-time IT volunteer.

What solution is most appropriate for your organization?


3. The marketing team has asked you to embed the trigger tab of an issue collector on several internal web pages and change its size, color, and text. They also want the ability to track which webpage finally generated the underlying feedback issue. You are not familiar with advanced issue collector configuration.

Which type of developer should you contact for assistance?


4. Your Jira has 25,000 active users across the globe using 100 projects with over a million issues.

Another administrator has made a change to a field configuration scheme and you now need to re-index Jira.

What would be the impact of rebuilding the index in the foreground?


5. Jan asked you to create a new Select List custom field called Department for his project MCAS. You created the field in the morning. In the afternoon, Jan notes that his Jira dashboard is not showing the field correctly. He asks to help him troubleshoot.

View the Exhibit to see Jan’s entire dashboard.

– The first gadget shows 26 issues in the project by Status.

– The second gadget shows that there are three issues that have the new Department field set.

– The last gadget shows “No Data Available”. The filter query for that gadget is “project=MCAS and Department is empty.”

Why does Jan’s gadget say “No Data Available”?


6. You are moving a workflow from your staging Jira instance to production. On importing the workflow, Jira notifies you that the post-functions will not be imported. Staging Jira is on version 6.4 and production Jira is on version 6.3.

Why did this happen?


7. You have planned, tested, and performed a Jira upgrade.

The upgrade appeared to be a success; however, after several hours of use, your users are reporting significant problems and you decide to roll back.

Which two effects do you expect to see after the rollback? (Choose two.)


8. Your user directories are configured as shown:

The Active Directory administrators have just started the process of copying all the users from the old

Company B directory to Company A directory. During this process, the group membership is being changed to allow for more fine-grained security control.

A large number of migrated users complain that they do not have the correct new group memberships.

Which configuration change should you perform?


9. After a recent upgrade to your Jira system, one of the apps your organization depends on is not working reliably.

Which two methods can you use to debug and resolve this issue? (Choose two.)


10. A team is complaining that their Jira project is slow to use. You are able to replicate the slow behavior by viewing and trying to edit one of their issues.

Which logging option will help you or a system administrator to diagnose the problem?


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