JNCIP-SEC Certification JN0-635 Exam Questions

JN0-635 Security, Professional exam is known as a hot Juniper certification test,but how can we pass this JN0-635 exam easily? PassQuestion offers the latest JNCIP-SEC Certification JN0-635 Exam Questions to help you get all the exam topics and knowledge for your preparation,you can pass your JN0-635 exam at your first attempt. You must read the JNCIP-SEC Certification JN0-635 Exam Questions provided by PassQuestion related to the subjects, which will help you to be prepared for clearing the JN0-635 exam in the shortest possible time.

JNCIP-SEC Certification JN0-635 Exam Questions

1. Click the Exhibit button.

While configuring the SRX345, you review the MACsec connection between devices and note that it is not working.

Referring to the exhibit, which action would you use to identify problem?


2. Your organization has multiple Active Directory domains to control user access. You must ensure that security policies are passing traffic based upon the users’ access rights.

What would you use to assist your SRX Series devices to accomplish this task?


3. You are asked to set up notifications if one of your collector traffic feeds drops below 100 kbps.

Which two configuration parameters must be set to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)


4. You have configured static NAT for a webserver in your DMZ. Both internal and external users can reach the webserver using the webserver’s IP address. However, only internal users can reach the webserver using the webserver’s DNS name. When external users attempt to reach the webserver using the webserver’s DNS name, an error message is received.

Which action would solve this problem?


5. Which interface family is required for Layer 2 transparent mode on SRX Series devices?


6. Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, which statement is true?


7. You have configured three logical tunnel interfaces in a tenant system on an SRX1500 device. When committing the configuration, the commit fails.

In this scenario, what would cause this problem?


8. You are asked to merge to corporate network with the network from a recently acquired company. Both networks use the same private IPv4 address space ( An SRX Series device servers as the gateway for each network.

Which solution allows you to merge the two networks without modifying the current address assignments?


9. You have set up Security Director with Policy Enforcer and have configured 12 third-party feeds and a Sky ATP feed. You are also injecting 16 feeds using the available open API. You want to add another compatible feed using the available open API, but Policy Enforcer is not receiving the new feed.

What is the problem in this scenario?


10. Which three types of peer devices are supported for CoS-based IPsec VPNs? (Choose three.)


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