Juniper JNCIP-ENT JN0-647 Practice Test Questions

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Juniper JNCIP-ENT JN0-647 Practice Test Questions

1. Your network provider supports multicast traffic but your provider network does not. You want to allow multicast hosts outside of your network to receive multicast traffic sourced within your network.

How would you satisfy this requirement?


2. Which router ID is correct for OSFPv3?


3. Which type of BGP is used to peer with a different autonomous system?


4. Click the Exhibit.

Referring to the exhibit, what is the minimum number of MSTP regions where the topology would be implemented?


5. Your campus EX9200 core devices are highly oversubscribed on bandwidth ans reporting massive dropped packets. To immediately address the issue, you decide to implement shaping on all interfaces.

Which action will accomplish?


6. What allows non-Web enabled devices to access the network on a port configured for captive portal?



7. When configuring class of service, what would you use to allocate bandwidth to a forwarding class?


8. Click the Exhibit.

Which AS path matches the AS path regular expression shown in the exhibit?


9. A new PoE+VoIP handset was added to an EX Series device. The handset is experiencing connectivity issues. The EX Series device’s committed configuration includes the set PoE interface all telemetry command. You look at the telemetry log in the device to review power consumption and you notice entries have not been occurring for days.

What would cause telemetry logging to stop?


10. Which protocol is used for port-level access control and authentication?


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